Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anglican Priestess Gives Communion to Dog!

Noor Javed
Staff Reporter

St. Peter’s Anglican Church has long been known as an open and inclusive place.

So open, it seems, they won’t turn anyone away. Not even a dog.

That’s how a blessed canine ended up receiving communion from interim priest Rev. Marguerite Rea during a morning service the last Sunday in June...

Rev. Rea was contacted numerous times about the incident, but did not want to comment.

“She is quite embarrassed by it,” said Yu.

But congregants of the church say the act wasn’t meant to be controversial. Peggy Needham, the deputy people’s warden was sitting near the front of the church when the dog was given the wafer.

It was the first time Needham had seen the man and his dog in church. He had been invited to the service after an incident where police heckled him as he sat peacefully on the steps of the church early one morning during the G20 weekend.

Angry over the experience, he called the church to vent. They invited him to come to church, and he did, bringing his dog with him.

When it was time for communion, the man went up to receive the bread and the wine, with the dog. “I am sure for Marguerite that was a surprise, like it was for all of us,” said Needham. “But nobody felt like it was a big deal, because it wasn’t a big deal...”

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belinda said...

Vince, does it count? Is it really considered the body of Christ in their church?

Outrage.... It's the only word that comes to my mind.

Vincenzo said...

I think it's considered to be whatever the Anglican member wants to believe it is.
But in reality, it's just a piece of bread.

Father Z: "No sacrament was violated because Anglicans don’t validly consecrate anything … women or bread and wine. No canonical process at the CDF for them!"

belinda said...

I just caught the word Priestess.
I could complain at length but what good would it do.
Praying for reparations to the most sacred heart of Jesus.

belinda said...

Just the intention is an act of defilement. Thank goodness it wasn't really Jesus. This is sinful and on multiple levels.

These women seem to think they have no boundries - none what so ever and in any area apparently.

MrOakleyAD33 said...

The dog was given a piece of bread, nothing more. Anglicans don't have valid orders. And a woman can never be a priest. However, it's still disturbing. Anglicans believe that they are able to consecrate validly, and they believe in the real presence. So, this woman gave a dog what she understood to be the Body of Christ.