Monday, July 26, 2010

Modernist Benedictines Are Afraid of Sacramentals

From The Eponymous Flower:

"Editor: The modernist Monastery's new blog entry written by Father Ruff reveals an unsteady and uncertain hand. He says that the more conservative, new upcoming clergy are afraid and sneers about what he believes is a costume party, really and truly misjudging the motives of traditionalist clergy and their laity. If anyone is afraid, it's Father Ruff. Why is Father Ruff afraid? Probably because he knows that if he entered a debate with anyone, like say, Father Z at, he'd be shown up for what he is.

Could it be that the Abbey to which he belongs has an average age well into the 60s and doesn't attract any new vocations? The devil fears Holy things, like birettas, Catholic practices and Sacramentals, Rosaries, ancient practices, because they remind him of his fall and Christ's saving power. Do progressive Catholics fear those traditional things because they are reminded of what they've lost or never had in the first place? Father Ruff's condescending string of untrue statements do more than show fear, they show real insecurity...."

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