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Pope Benedict XVI is helped by Monsignor Georg Gaenswein to wear the Saturn as he arrives in St. Peter's square at the Vatican for his weekly general audience, Wednesday, June 30, 2010. The Vatican announced on Wednesday that Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet was named chief to its powerful Congregations for Bishops, which vets bishop appointments around the world, and that Italian Monsignor Rino Fisichella has been tapped to head a new Vatican office to fight secularization and re-evangelize the West. (AP photo)

Pope Benedict XVI, flanked by his secretary Monsignor Georg Gaenswein, delivers his blessing during a weekly general audience he held in St. Peter's square at the Vatican, Wednesday, June 30, 2010. (AP photo)

A bishop kisses Pope Benedict XVI's hands in St. Peter square at the Vatican during the Pope's weekly general audience on June 30, 2010. (Getty Images)

Tabernacles of Catholic Church in (Post-) Modernity

From Totus Tuus:
GoodNews, an official website run by Seoul Archdiocese has illustrated images of tabernacles in Catholic Church in Korea. And here are some of the pictures that might represent tastes of (post-) modern aesthetics. They look familiar in that we often see the similar designs at coffee shops or furniture stores of contemporary arts. One might not be able to realize some of them are truly tabernacles until someone pay homage to the Presence of our Lord.

Tabernacle of the Eucharistic adoration room at the Namyang Mary's shrine, Suwon diocese. It took me long before I recognized the tabernacle seemed to have shaped fish with red eyes. [Source of the image: here; more images: here and here]
Tabernacle at the Baeron martyrs shrine, Wonju diocese [Source of the image: here]
Tabernacle at the chapel of Baeron martyrs shrine, Wonju diocese. The box on the stick is a sanctuary lamp. [Source of the image: here; more image: here]

Tabernacle at Daehwa Catholic Church, Wonju diocese [Source of the image: here]

The Police - Synchronicity II

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Voyager 2 At 12,000 Days

by Staff Writers Pasadena CA (JPL) Jun 29, 2010
NASA's plucky Voyager 2 spacecraft has hit a long-haul operations
milestone - operating continuously for 12,000 days. For nearly 33 years, the venerable spacecraft has been returning data about the giant outer planets, and the characteristics and interaction of solar wind between and beyond the planets. Among its many findings, Voyager 2 discovered Neptune's Great Dark Spot and its 450-meter-per-second (1,000-mph) winds.

The two Voyager spacecraft have been the longest continuously operating spacecraft in deep space. Voyager 2 launched on August 20, 1977, when Jimmy Carter was president. Voyager 1 launched about two weeks later on Sept. 5.

The two spacecraft are the most distant human-made objects, out at the edge of the heliosphere - the bubble the sun creates around the solar system. Mission managers expect Voyager 1 to leave our solar system and enter interstellar space in the next five years or so, with Voyager 2 on track to enter interstellar space shortly after that.

Having traveled more than 21 billion kilometers (13 billion miles) on its winding path through the planets toward interstellar space, the spacecraft is now nearly 14 billion kilometers (9 billion miles) from the sun. A signal from the ground, traveling at the speed of light, takes about 12.8 hours one-way to reach Voyager 2.
Voyager 1 will reach this 12,000-day milestone on July 13, 2010 after traveling more than 22 billion kilometers (14 billion miles). Voyager 1 is currently more than 17 billion kilometers (11 billion miles) from the sun.

DOJ: 10 alleged Russian intel officers arrested

(AP) WASHINGTON — Ten Russian intelligence officers have been arrested for allegedly serving as illegal agents of the Russian government in the United States, the Justice Department announced Monday.

Eight of 10 were arrested Sunday for allegedly carrying out long-term, deep cover assignments in the United States on behalf of Russia.

Two others were arrested for allegedly participating in the same Russian intelligence program within the United States.

Each of the 10 was charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison on conviction...

Catholic Business

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The Blame Game

h/t to Vir Speluncae Catholicus
Lebanese woman carries a statue of the Virgin Mary as she attends the 
beatification ceremony of Lebanese Maronite monk, Estephan Nehmeh 
(1889-1938), outside the Maronite Order's Monastery of Kfifan (Deir 
Kfifan) in Mount Lebanon, northeast of the capital Beirut, on June 27, 
2010. Pope Benedict XVI gave the green light in December 2007 for the 
beatification of the Lebanese priest.
A Lebanese woman carries a statue of the Virgin Mary as she attends the beatification ceremony of Lebanese Maronite monk, Estephan Nehmeh (1889-1938), outside the Maronite Order's Monastery of Kfifan (Deir Kfifan) in Mount Lebanon, northeast of the capital Beirut, on June 27, 2010. Pope Benedict XVI gave the green light in December 2007 for the beatification of the Lebanese priest (Getty Images)

Lebanese man carries the mass booklet for the beatification ceremony of 
Lebanese Maronite monk, Estephan Nehmeh (1889-1938), outside the 
Maronite Order's Monastery of Kfifan (Deir Kfifan) in Mount Lebanon, 
northeast of the capital Beirut, on June 27, 2010. Pope Benedict XVI 
gave the green light in December 2007 for the beatification of the 
Lebanese priest.
A Lebanese man carries the mass booklet for the beatification ceremony of Lebanese Maronite monk, Estephan Nehmeh (1889-1938), outside the Maronite Order's Monastery of Kfifan (Deir Kfifan) in Mount Lebanon, northeast of the capital Beirut, on June 27, 2010. (Getty Images)

Benedict XVI Creates Council for New Evangelization

Pope Benedict XVI kisses the main altar as he ...

Will Be Dedicated to Secularized Christian Countries

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 28, 2010 ( To ward off secularization in nations where the Gospel put down roots centuries ago, Benedict XVI is creating a new pontifical council.
The Pope announced the newest Vatican dicastery today, as he was celebrating vespers for Tuesday's feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.

This council -- dedicated to a "renewed evangelization" -- will be the 12th of the Roman Curia. There are also nine congregations.

"Man of the third millennium also desires an authentic and full life, he has need of truth, of profound liberty, of gratuitous love," the Holy Father said before announcing the new organization. "Also in the deserts of the secularized world, man's soul thirsts for God, for the living God."

The Pontiff cited his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, in affirming that the mission Christ entrusted to the Church is still far from completion, and that it requires strong commitment.

Pope Benedict XVI walks in procession as he arrives ... 

"There are regions in the world that still wait for a first evangelization; others that received it but need more profound work; others still in which the Gospel put down roots a long time ago, giving place to a true Christian tradition, but where in the last centuries -- with complex dynamics -- the process of secularization has produced a grave crisis of the sense of the Christian faith and of belonging to the Church," Benedict XVI observed.

And he announced: "In this perspective, I have decided to create a new organism, in the form of pontifical council, with the specific task of promoting a renewed evangelization in countries where the first proclamation of the faith already resounded, and where Churches are present of ancient foundation, but which are going through a progressive secularization of society and a sort of 'eclipse of the sense of God,' which constitutes a challenge to find the appropriate means to propose again the perennial truth of the Gospel of Christ."

The Holy Father did not announce who will be the president of the new dicastery.
--- --- ---

On ZENIT's Web page:

Full text:

Cronkite Targeted by Soviet Intelligence

By Cliff Kincaid  |  June 16, 2010

Cronkite, who retired as CBS Evening News anchorman in 1981 but continued to speak publicly about current events, was a natural target of the Soviets and their cause.
June B AIM Report

The late CBS Evening News anchorman Walter Cronkite is named in a just-released FBI document from 1986 as being targeted in a Soviet “active measures” campaign against President Reagan’s anti-communist foreign policy. Cronkite is named as a possible member of a U.S. delegation that would sign a pro-Soviet “People’s Peace Treaty.”

Cronkite, once known as “the most trusted man in television news” because of his influence during the time when three network news programs dominated the national dissemination of news and information, bears a great deal of responsibility for the American military defeat in Vietnam and the communist conquest of that Southeast Asian country.

The term “active measures” in the FBI document carries special significance, since it designates Soviet intelligence operations to damage the United States and further the interest of Soviet foreign policy. The most common were political influence operations in which high-profile U.S. and Western political and public figures were used to promote Soviet objectives.

Released through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Cronkite documents include an FBI cover letter, dated June 25, 1986, which designates an attached internal memorandum from the “Campaign for a People’s Peace Treaty” as part of a “Soviet active measures” campaign. The document is addressed to the FBI director and the attention of the Bureau’s intelligence division...

Attacked by Flamingos

From Tina aka SnupnJake:

Hula Knight

"Daily Shoot #222: Weekend whimsy. Make a photograph of something that tickles your funny bone. Caption it accordingly."

Cardinal Schonborn rebuked by Vatican for criticism of ex-Secretary of State Cardinal Sodano

June 28, 2010

(Catholic Culture) After Cardinal Christoph Schönborn met with Pope Benedict XVI in a private audience on June 28, the Vatican released an unusual statement that was, in effect, a rebuke to the Austrian cardinal for his criticisms of a former Vatican Secretary of State.

The Vatican reported that Cardinal Schönborn had requested the audience, wanting to “clarify the exact meaning” of remarks he had made in May at a meeting with Austrian journalists.

During that meeting, which he apparently thought was off the record, Cardinal Schönborn said that Cardinal Angelo Sodano had “deeply wronged” sex-abuse victims in an Easter Sunday statement that characterized their complaints as “gossip.” The Austrian cardinal had also said that Cardinal Sodano resisted calls for a thorough investigation of sex-abuse complaints against Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer.

Cardinal Sodano—who remains a powerful presence at the Vatican, nearly four years after he resigned as Secretary of State—sat in on the meeting between the Pope and Cardinal Schönborn. The Vatican statement released after the session was a vindication of the 82-year-old Italian prelate.

During the audience, the Vatican statement said, “certain widespread misunderstandings were clarified and resolved.” Those misunderstandings had arisen from Cardinal Schönborn’s remarks, the statement continued, and the Austrian prelate “expressed his displeasure at the interpretations given to his words.”

The Vatican statement emphasized that the Pope alone should be the judge of accusations against a cardinal. The emphasis on that statement was an unmistakable reprimand to Cardinal Schönborn for his public criticism of another cardinal.

The Vatican statement went on to defend Cardinal Sodano’s public statement on Easter Sunday, claiming that the “word 'chiacchiericcio' (gossip) was erroneously interpreted as disrespectful to the victims of sexual abuse, towards whom Cardinal Angelo Sodano nourishes the same feelings of compassion, and of condemnation of evil, as expressed on various occasions by the Holy Father.”

Source(s): these links will take you to other sites, in a new window.

    High Court’s Big Ruling For Gun Rights

    June 28, 2010 - 10:07 AM | by: Lee Ross
    In its second major ruling on gun rights in three years, the Supreme Court Monday extended the federally protected right to keep and bear arms to all 50 states. The decision will be hailed by gun rights advocates and comes over the opposition of gun control groups, the city of Chicago and four justices.

    Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the five justice majority saying "the right to keep and bear arms must be regarded as a substantive guarantee, not a prohibition that could be ignored so long as the States legislated in an evenhanded manner."

    The ruling builds upon the Court's 2008 decision in D.C. v. Heller that invalidated the handgun ban in the nation's capital. More importantly, that decision held that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms was a right the Founders specifically delegated to individuals. The justices affirmed that decision and extended its reach to the 50 states. Today's ruling also invalidates Chicago's handgun ban...

    h/t to Adrienne


    VATICAN CITY, 28 JUN 2010 (VIS) - The Holy See Press Office released the following communique early this afternoon:

      "(1) The Holy Father today received in audience Cardinal Christoph Schonborn O.P., archbishop of Vienna and president of the Austrian Episcopal Conference. The cardinal had asked to meet the Supreme Pontiff personally in order to report on the current situation of the Church in Austria. In particular, Cardinal Schonborn wished to clarify the exact meaning of his recent declarations concerning some aspects of current ecclesiastical discipline, and certain of his judgements regarding positions adopted by the Secretariat of State - and in particular by the then Secretary of State of Pope John Paul II - concerning the late Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer, archbishop of Vienna from 1986 to 1995.

      "(2) Cardinal Angelo Sodano, dean of the College of Cardinals, and Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone S.D.B. were subsequently invited to join the meeting.

      "In the second part of the audience certain widespread misunderstandings were clarified and resolved, misunderstandings deriving partly from certain statements of Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, who expressed his displeasure at the interpretations given to his words.

      "In particular:

      "(a) It must be reiterated that, in the Church, when accusations are made against a cardinal, competency falls exclusively to the Pope; other parties may have a consultative function, while always maintaining due respect for persons.

      "(b) The word 'chiacchiericcio' (gossip) was erroneously interpreted as disrespectful to the victims of sexual abuse, towards whom Cardinal Angelo Sodano nourishes the same feelings of compassion, and of condemnation of evil, as expressed on various occasions by the Holy Father. That word, pronounced during his Easter address to Pope Benedict XVI, was taken literally from the pontifical homily of Palm Sunday and referred to the "courage that does not let itself be intimidated by the gossip of prevalent opinions".

      "(3) The Holy Father, recalling with great affection his own pastoral trip to Austria, via Cardinal Christoph Schonborn sends his greetings and encouragement to the Church in Austria, and to her pastors, entrusting the journey to renewed ecclesial communion to the celestial protection of the Blessed Virgin, so venerated at Mariazell".

    OP/ VIS 20100628 (370) 

    ANGELUS 2010-06-27

    Europe's Decision to Dump Stimulus 'Like Taking Up Smoking'

    Economists Say Focusing on Deficit Could Lead to Double-Dip Recession

    (ABC News) President Obama lost the argument. His G-20 colleagues decided here in Toronto to turn their economic attention from spending on stimulus to cutting deficits.
    The president faces financial reform and Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

    That is exactly what Obama warned against, arguing that turning off the stimulus spigot could stop the fragile global economic recovery in its tracks.

    Despite all the president's cajoling and arm-twisting, the host of summit of the world's industrialized and developing economies delivered the message that it is time to stop spending.

    "Advanced countries must send a clear message, that as our stimulus plans expire we will focus on getting our fiscal houses in order," Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said.

    Sunday, June 27, 2010

    Church of Mars

    Portuguese Bishop: OK with men who "live" with other men; for artificial contraception


    "Progressive" Bishops attack again. Let the Belgian collapse be a warning: there is no innocence or naivety in anything that "Progressive" Bishops do or say. And, particularly when they are so nonchalant and shameless about certain matters, the signs of grave problems in their dioceses and nations are clear. Rome should act before grave things come out, and not express sympathy for the hierarchy when the result of their behavior leads to an inevitable humiliation of the hierarchy..."

    Insane Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974


    I found them while helping my parents clean out their basement a few years ago. They were neatly arranged in their own plastic file box. Plenty of the dishes seemed normal enough, but as I flipped through them, some of the recipes began to alarm me. And then I found the card for the "Rosy Perfection Salad."

    I fell over. Like I Iaughed so hard I started coughing and I fell back on the floor and I waved the card at my mom, who just rolled her eyes. "Can I please have these? Please?" I begged. "What do you want them for?" she asked. "To cook?" "No," I said. She let me have them. I think they might have been my grandma's, but she never copped to actually buying them. Nobody else did, either.

    These cards mystify me. None of them have calorie or nutrition information of any kind, and in some instances it's hard to tell what's dietetic about the recipes at all, except that they're unspeakably grim. And yet also, completely insane. They appear to be from a much kookier era of Weight Watchers. There's a certain serve-it-at- your-next-key-party freakiness to a lot of these dishes.

    Dehydrated onion flakes are in almost everything here. Apparently Weight Watchers dieticians depended heavily on dried onion flakes, and pimientos, too.

    They also had a prop department that was clearly out of control. Oh, you'll see.
    As far as I know, I was never served any of these dishes as a child. I probably would have repressed the memory, anyway.

    This feature owes a great spiritual debt to sites like Cate's Garage Sale Finds and especially James Lilek's Gallery of Regrettable Food.

    oh, anastasia

    This looks like hell but I sure dig the "Czarina" part. Would you enjoy Tuna Czarina, or Cottage Cheese Czarina, or Cream of Wheat Czarina? You almost would, right?

    Okay, never mind.

    And what's with the shower curtain on the right?


    I hope that you can see that this is a jellied salad. Do you see it glisten? Do you require a close-up to understand that these beans and mushrooms and pimiento strips are one solid, glistening mass? Okay!

    See how the Ceramic Mushroom Family has gathered to show their children what happens to bad little mushrooms.

    my pretties, I shall eat your livers

    Chicken Liver Bake: enjoy it with the ashes of a loved one.

    Or maybe what's left of the chickens are in that urn. Maybe the chickens were your loved ones.

    But chickens never love back enough. And that's why you have to KILL them. And eat their livers ritualistically. And then they're a part of you forever. Forever.

    roly poly fish balls
    Why, they're much bigger than one would think...

    mmm, pudding

    Once upon a time the world was young and the words "mackerel" and "pudding" existed far, far away from one another.

    One day, that all changed. And then, whoever was responsible somehow thought the word fluffy would help.

    Oh, and eggs, too.

    There's lettuce. There's pickles. There's capers. There's lime. There's parsley. There's celery inside. Chives, too. It's green. All green. No other guiding culinary principle except... green.

    It's a meal! It's an obsessive disorder! It's both!

    quench my ass
    These are the saddest diet beverages ever.

    The one on the right is skim milk and orange pulp. The one on the left is made with water, sherry extract, and two beef bouillon cubes.

    No, really.

    Well, there's also celery in it. Oh, and SELF-LOATHING.

    ye olde log
    You could eat this log. Or you could stick your hand in a rusty kitchen grinder. Yeah, have fun.

    Would you like Polynesian Snack? With beautiful flower?

    Where is fork? Is Snack for to eat with hand?

    You like canned bean sprout? And buttermilk? And pimiento? And fruit piece? Mix all together? No? Oh. Maybe Snack is not for you.

    the OTHER white meat

    I have no idea what "shashlik" is. All I know about this dish is that it's meat. And that the meat's, uh... caucasian.

    We are gathered here today!!!!
    Um, I guess this is a salad best enjoyed at the house of that one scary lady down the street who never leaves the house and talks to her knicknacks.

    I showed this card to a friend who said, "What the hell's in that bowl-- bong water?!"

    Is that why the ceramic animals are so drawn to it? Is it their magical pond?
    Why have they gathered? What do they want?

    snap snap!
    Well, as adjectives for mackerel go, you could do worse than "snappy." Snappy! So snappy you need three glasses of cranberry juice to wash it down! So snappy they've placed it in a special roped-off area! Don't get too close to the casserole! 'Cause it'll SNAP at ya! Ha! Ha! SNAPPY!

    I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

    I don't think you'll ever be. None of us will. No. No way.

    I really don't understand

    Um, where do I even begin here? Which bowl is Siegfried's? Which one is Roy's?

    What is going on here? What? What is the meaning? Of Jell-O, and peaches, and huge-ass ceramic cheetah, and paper flowers? And... freaky dried pod thingies? What are those? 

    Should we smoke them? Have we been smoking them? 

    Snifter o' gore!
    Yes, let's have these in brandy snifters. Let's just tip our heads back and let the chunks slide in.

    The time you spent eating these is time you'll want back at the very end of your life. That's why they're served with a clock.

    so... confused...
    Sometimes salmon will come to the big city full of dreams. Only to wind up used, and mangled, and reconstituted, and all tarted up in some kind of sick, horrifying salmon drag.

    Look, it's still trying to spawn. With lemons. It's confused. Oh, man, so sad.

    It's even more heartbreaking when they're young.

    it looks like liver, but it's snot!

    This is... um, it's... Uh.

    Yeah. It's just...oh, God. And... the pig...

    Okay. I am at a loss here. We all are.

    oh, frank God.

    I had no idea frankfurters could be so spectacular. Wow!

    I would almost be willing to upholster a whole damn pineapple with pork product just to be able to say I was serving Frankfurter Spectacular. Say it with me: Frankfurter! Spectacular!
    Why would you even want to eat this? Why, when you could keep your mouth busy for hours just by repeating the life-affirming phrase that is "Frankfurter Spectacular."


    Thank you.

    *Note for the sensitive, young children and small animals: language warning for some of these.

    The Obama Omelette: Euthanasia, Abortion, Obamanomics… Death is Death

    by Michael Moriarty 
    I must say, writing for Big Hollywood has made me face the most belligerently intelligent among my readers, many of whom refuse to believe that murder is murder.

    Even those who are willing to admit that abortion does end a human life, defend Roe V. Wade by saying that abortion, like alcoholism, cannot be stopped by Prohibition.

    Hmmm …


    Alcoholism is only terminal for the alcoholic, therefore, having experienced it myself, it is suicidal.

    A law against suicide is utterly unenforceable for the obvious reasons, mainly that, in the case of suicide, “too late is too late.”

    Alcoholism, though a disturbing disease, is not as unrelentingly homicidal as abortion.

    Abortion, on the other hand, takes the life of an innocent human being and is therefore, both per se and ipso facto, murder.

    Let us not, despite the verbal circumlocutions of the Supreme Court, deny that.

    A trimester division of gestation is no more convincing than the racist diatribes of Hitler’s most devoted scientists.

    They are both rationalizations for mass murder.

    To call such a charge “preposterous” is as blind or criminally negligent as were the citizens of the Third Reich.
    Now, however, that we are in the most mature years of William Clinton’s Third Way, it is not genocide we are talking about but the infanticide of legalized abortion.

    The Third Way and Roe v Wade contain fine distinctions about murder that only Ivy League lawyers and their justices on the Supreme Court can justify.

    We, of the rude multitude, must simply obey their judgments.

    No wonder we have the arrogance of Harvard’s Barack Obama for President.

    The Clintons paved the way and played John The Baptist for Barack Obama or BO, the Big One.

    To deny that is to count yourself among those who think legalized infanticide will not eventually “transform” into government-approved “death panels.”

    Consequently my very bright readers, Libertarians many of them, had better – if they wish to remain consistent – legalize murder as well as abortion.

    Why not?

    We have capital punishment, and if we merely extend the grounds for “justifiable homicide,” as we have with Roe v Wade, then murder will be as readily accessible to the general public as abortion is.

    Why not?

    Laws against abortion, since abortion will happen with or without a law, are simply the posturing of the “righteous,” correct?

    At least that is what my critics are saying.


    However, if you haven’t noticed, the Ultimate Solution for the powers-that-be within the Progressive Movement is death of one sort or another.

    Either economic or biological death.

    Obamanomics or abortion and euthanasia.

    “The fundamental transformation of the United States of America” cannot possibly happen without … well … as they say … “breaking a few eggs”.

    The Obama Omelet will, indeed, be served up!

    When in doubt, eradicate your problem with murder.

    To many historians, it is known as The Chicago Way.

    Since America has agreed to legalize abortion and its unquestionably legal destruction of human life, all Americans … or at least a somnambulant majority of them … don’t care enough to see the full implications of legalized murder.

    Perhaps they think they’ll predecease its application.

    What has predeceased them is their common sense.

    Legalized murder has invincibly led us into legalized Obamanism and the Obama Nation of the “fundamental transformation” of Western Civilization!

    Hitlerian, Stalinist and Maoist visions of grandeur are less then a few decades old, and we now assume that such extremes are not possible within our own government?!

    Libertarianism will insure both liberty and safety, believe the Libertarians.

    Making murder legal will keep the government out of our way?!

    Hmmm … gee … well … I’m not sure what planet that school of thought came from but that planet has not only been written about by visionaries such as George Orwell, the actual, horrors of hell on earth have been visited on humanity within very, very recent memory.

    Such hell can suddenly reappear with diabolical speed.

    Particularly if the current population have given their silent consent to legalized murder.

    Do you really think that either Red China or neo-Soviet Russia have even the slightest benevolent intent toward the still, now barely free but profoundly corrupted United States of America?

    When America herself legalizes homicidal intent toward her own gestating infants and her elderly, how do you expect the United States to defend herself before the similar intents of her Communist and radically Islamic enemies?

    What possible moral high ground does America have left to defend?

    Justice is so profound and so alive within the universal subconscious of Man that it will indeed transform abortion into the virtual suicide it must and is now becoming in America.

    The Progressives now in charge of the United States believe, as do the Red Chinese, that there are too many human beings on earth. For both the Progressives and Red China, Mankind’s partial but substantive suicide would be in their visionary best interests.

    Mankind should be no more than one third its present size.

    That means about four billion human beings must die quickly, while the birth rate drops exponentially.

    Dr. Strangelove, the 1964 movie, merely moved a character out of Hitler’s Third Reich into a decision-making role for the United States government policies.

    The Clinton Third Way and its profoundly serpentine defense of abortion as a solution to the problems of poverty made President Obama’s radical “transformation of the United States” inevitable and increasingly the concoction of Dr. Strangelove.

    Until America begins to overturn the Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion, God will allow the Obama Nation to do unto America what Americans have been freely doing unto their own gestating infants.
    We must realize that there have been more chefs cooking in the Obama kitchen than we ever imagined, preparing the way for The One to serve up the Obama Omelet: broken shells, broken lives and an irreparably broken America.

    Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series "Law and Order" from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include "The Yellow Wallpaper," "12 Hours to Live," "Santa Baby" and "Deadly Skies." Contact Michael at

    Cardinal Siri