Monday, June 14, 2010

Author holds 'insect tasting sessions' across Japan

Shoichi Uchiyama is stepping up his campaign to encourage more people to eat insects with a series of "tasting sessions" in restaurants across Japan.

By Julian Ryall in Tokyo
Published: 7:33AM BST 14 Jun 2010

Insect tasting sessions held across Japan
The key to preparing insects for human consumptio is to make sure they are not poisonous varieties and to cook them thoroughly.
Green ants, hornet larvae and silkworm pupae were on the menu at his most recent event, held at a cafe in the Asagaya district of Tokyo on June 8. And the events are becoming so popular, he said, that he has a waiting list for future insect buffets.
"I first tried this four years ago, but I have had to increase the frequency to less than one a month now because so many people want to take part," he told the Daily Telegraph...

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