Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Medjugorje : The Grand Concealment

From Louis Bélanger's blog Medjupedia:

“Three more days!”

Mica IVANKOVIC: Then only Mirjana asked: “At what time?” She [the Gospa] said: “At the same time!” Then Mirjana asked again how many more times she would appear. She said: “Three more times!”
? (most probably Father KOSIR): Who said that?
ONE of the visionaries: The Gospa.
? (most probably Father KOSIR): Which of you said that?
MIRJANA (most probably): I.
?:… (incomprehensible). Ivo Sivric’s remark: Everyone is talking at once.
Father ZOVKO: Well, this interests me. “Three more times!” Well, when is all this going to end?
ALL the visionaries (in unison): On Friday.
Mica IVANKOVIC: Later on they said: “On Friday.”
Father ZOVKO: Where is it going to end on Friday?
JAKOV: In the church.
MIRJANA: Except perhaps if the Gospa tells us that she would prefer to appear on the hillside on the last day…