Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tabernacles of Catholic Church in (Post-) Modernity

From Totus Tuus:
GoodNews, an official website run by Seoul Archdiocese has illustrated images of tabernacles in Catholic Church in Korea. And here are some of the pictures that might represent tastes of (post-) modern aesthetics. They look familiar in that we often see the similar designs at coffee shops or furniture stores of contemporary arts. One might not be able to realize some of them are truly tabernacles until someone pay homage to the Presence of our Lord.

Tabernacle of the Eucharistic adoration room at the Namyang Mary's shrine, Suwon diocese. It took me long before I recognized the tabernacle seemed to have shaped fish with red eyes. [Source of the image: here; more images: here and here]
Tabernacle at the Baeron martyrs shrine, Wonju diocese [Source of the image: here]
Tabernacle at the chapel of Baeron martyrs shrine, Wonju diocese. The box on the stick is a sanctuary lamp. [Source of the image: here; more image: here]

Tabernacle at Daehwa Catholic Church, Wonju diocese [Source of the image: here]

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