Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rejected Mystic Monk Coffee Ads


veryone knows that Mystic Monk's beans are vastly superior to those offered by other coffee roasters, but these possible ads which emphasized the "suckiness" of competitors (an idea first suggested by the brand identity guru/blogger "The Careless Catholic"), were politely rejected by the good and holy monks, since they did not feel that the concept furthered the image they wanted to project with their brand, nor were they consistent with Carmelite spirituality:

Another suggested ad campaign was summarily rejected:


Kelly said...

In the words of the Crescat, Hifreakinlarious!!

You're brillliant! Thanks, Vincenzo. :)

Mom with a Heart for God said...

Love it! :)

Rachel Gray said...


nazareth priest said...

We're still laughing on!

Mary333 said...

Ooops! You mean I'm NOT supposed to give my seven-year-old Mystic Monk Coffee?!! How else am I going to wake her up for school? ;) These ads are too funny!