Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Could Do With Some Tea Party Politics in Britain

From Stephen Pollard at The Daily Express:

"TO judge from the coverage given this week to the victories of candidates backed by the so-called Tea Party movement in the US you’d think that the world’s greatest democracy was about to be taken over by a bunch of nutcase, racist Right-wingers.
On Tuesday the Republicans held primaries in a number of US states for voters to choose who should be the party’s candidates in November’s midterm elections. The results were a shock to the party’s establishment. Instead of the usual long-serving candidates a number of outsiders won.

This was typified by the victory of Christine O’Donnell in the Senate primary in the tiny state of Delaware, usurping nine-times elected representative Mike Castle.

Her triumph was reported here as that of a raving lunatic over a genius. BBC correspondents couldn’t conceal their sneers. But all they demonstrated was just how inept they are at understanding the US today and how frightened they are by ordinary people..."

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