Monday, February 13, 2012

Magisterium of Nuns

Obama Pretends He Doesn't Know The Difference Between The Pope and the Dopes

From Carol at The Tenth Crusade:
I can't believe this...but Maria was right.

Obama is pretending Carol Keehan's disobedience to religious law is equivocal to the authority of the Pope.
"I can't speak to differences within the Catholic Church,"

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew said on Fox News Sunday when reminded that "the most powerful statement by the Catholic Church in this country" was a denunciation of Obama's att empt at accomodation. "I would point to the statement put out by the Catholic Health Association which knows a fair amount about what it requires to [provide] health care in this country," he added.
They don't know what the differences are within the Catholic Church and can't speak to them.

In their ignorance they knew exactly how to avoid getting the official answers on Catholic ethics and religious liberty. What a coincidence.

Wow. They're either really stupid or pathological liars.

Maybe they're both?

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