Saturday, February 18, 2012

‘Iron Sky’ Pits President Sarah Palin Against Nazi Invaders From Space


(WebProNews) A very peculiar sci-fi movie called “Iron Sky” is making its way through the circuit of film festivals in Europe this season, yet it is conspicuously not coming anywhere near the United States. The flick is replete with great stuff Americans love to watch: spaceships, fighting Nazis, fighting Nazi invaders from space, Jerry Bruckheimer-levels of explosions, a campy yet potent sense of dark humor and… President Sarah Palin? Now it all makes sense why it’s staying away from the U.S. Well, sort of.

In the film, the President of the United States is female, does adorn a certain someone’s signature red dress suit, sports a very familiar hairdo-and-glasses combo, and has the initials S.P. But it’s not a former governor of Alaska.

Already, this movie sounds more like a fantasy horror than sci-fi comedy. At any rate, “Iron Sky” confidently offers something for everybody to either love or hate, which is all the makings of a summer blockbuster, right?
The film, which is in English, depicts a fleet of Moon Nazis that intent on invading Earth so as to resume their mission of world domination. The last first and last line of defense for the United States of America, and the rest of the world, I fear, is the commander-in-chief of the United States, the aforementioned Palinesque Stephanie Paul.

This movie is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book gone absolutely berserk on angel dust, but “Iron Sky” is surreal enough to entice just about anybody’s interest. Just try to watch the the trailer below without quietly craving more.

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