Friday, February 24, 2012

Empire State Building Won't Honor Cardinal Dolan, Though Honored Mao Zedong & Communist Revolution

According to the Catholic League, Representative Michael Grimm's request that  Archbishop Timothy Dolan be honored following his elevation to Cardinal was denied.

In 2010, Bill Donohue's request for the building to be decorated in blue and white, in honor of Mother Teresa, was also denied.   This denial was followed by a new policy which barred the recognition of religious figures - a policy which was cited as the cause for the denial, though this policy was not in place when Donohue's request was refused.

The Catholic League exposes the idiocy of the owner of the Empire State Building by citing the fact that the building will honor St. Patrick next month:  "Who do they think St. Patrick was? A closet secularist?"

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Patron saint of partyers.