Wednesday, February 29, 2012

St. John Cantius DVD instruction for “Sacred Rites and Ceremonies” & Baronius Press Roman Breviary in Latin and English

Reviews from WDTPRS:

I recently received a couple instructional DVDs produced by the canons at St. John Cantius in Chicago and I have had a chance to look at “Sacred Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Rite, featuring the use of the 1962 Liturgical Books of Blessed John XXIII“, meaning of course, the Liber Usualis (BUY), Rituale Romanum (BUY) and Missale Romanum (BUY).  The canons also have great online resources.

The DVD includes instructions for doing, in the traditional form, Baptism of an Infant, Penance, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, Solemn Vespers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Requiem Missa Cantata with Absolution over the Catafalque... (continued)

Today I received from the nice people at Baronius Press the new set of the three volume Roman Breviary, Latin and English translation in side by side columns...

Beautiful books, reminiscent of a better age of liturgical books.

From the Baronius Press website comes this list of the features

A new edition of the Roman Breviary 1961 in English and Latin. An invaluable set of books for all those attached to the traditional Roman Breviary, in the form approved by Pope Benedict XVI in Summorum Pontificum.

Summary of features:
  • 6,064 pages printed in black and red, text of all hours in Latin and English with rubrics in English.
  • Concordat cum orginali [sic] – meaning the Latin text is approved by the Church for liturgical use, Imprimatur and foreword from Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz STD of Lincoln.
  • [NB] Based on the popular three-volume Breviary published by Collegeville in 1963.
  • St. Jerome’s traditional Gallican Psalter from the Vulgate is used throughout. [Not the Pius XII psalter.]
  • English version of Psalms thoroughly revised to match the Gallican Psalter.
  • Follows rubrics promulgated by Blessed Pope John XXIII – the form of the traditional Breviary approved in Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum.
  • Scriptural texts in English follow the Confraternity translation (a 1940s revision of Challoner’s Douai-Rheims Bible), which have been revised where necessary to conform to the Vulgate text.
  • Contains Penitential Psalms and the Office for the Dead.
  • Full texts of national feasts for the USA included in the Proper of Saints. National feasts for England & Wales, Scotland and Australasia indicated in the Proper on the dates they occur.
  • English versions of hymns in the acclaimed translation of the Rev. Joseph Connelly.
  • Thirty engravings throughout, which have been selected from traditional liturgical books, carefully scanned, and re-mastered – correcting any defects in images where necessary.
  • Extracts from the Rituale Romanum (including the most commonly used litanies) given in Latin with English rubrics in an Appendix.
  • Full text of relevant motu proprio (Pope John XXIII’s Rubricarum Instructum and Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum) in Latin and English.
  • Thirteen Cards with commonly used prayers in Latin and English... (continued)

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