Friday, June 25, 2010

Rush Limbaugh

"I simply turn on the Golden EIB Microphone and share my honest passions and beliefs with people.
And they're free to go elsewhere.
They're free to ignore; they're free to believe; they're free to be entertained, I don't care.
They're free to do whatever they want.
But a lot of people aren't free to smoke cigarettes where they want;
they're not free to drink where they want;
they're not free to eat the kind of food they want to eat;
they're not free to eat trans fats;
they're not free to drive certain places.
Pretty soon we're going to be told what kind of cars we have to drive.
I can't cause that.
I can't restrict anybody's freedom.
We've elected a guy who can, does, and wants to, all under the guise of saving us.
So I appreciate the effort, and I appreciate somewhat losing my temper here.
But don't compare me ever to an authoritarian who thinks so little of people that without him they can barely breathe on their own.
Don't ever do that."

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