Friday, June 25, 2010

Cable Guy Arrested in Sniper Attacks

CHP Investigators say they caught him in the Act.

CHP investigators have arrested a 40-year-old cable TV installer in connection to the series of sniper attacks on Inland Empire Freeways. For weeks now, someone has been shooting out the rear windows of SUVs on the freeway.

On Thursday, CHP investigators said they caught the suspect red-handed as he shot at an Escalade as he drove along Interstate 15 at the 38 in Wrightwood. The suspect has been identified as William Frye of Hesperia.

His gray Toyota Tundra has been impounded along with several weapons.

The seven-week shooting spree damaged more than 70 vehicles.

Frye now faces up to 70 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

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