Friday, June 18, 2010

Douay-Rheims, 400th anniversary

From Rorate Cæli:

The definitive translation of the Bible in English by the scholars of the English College in Douai was completed 400 years ago, in 1610, with the publication of the final volume of the Old Testament, 28 years after the publication of the New Testament (when the College was temporarily in Rheims).

Our sincere gratitude to the holy men, from all nations of the British Isles, who, through several decades, accomplished this work for the Church. (And one question: is any celebration, seminar, or event taking place this year in commemoration of this anniversary?)


Anonymous said...

I have one. I love it.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

I read it...faithfully.
In a most wonderful format which I ordered from Baronius Press several years ago...I experience reading the "Word of God" from an excellent bound leather covered book in wonderful print(even if my 50+ eyes have to squint at times!)...thank you, Jesus, Lord!