Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ciao on Tesco's Lasarnie


THIS has to be the strangest sandwich ever - a LASAGNE butty.

Keen to liven up their range of sarnies, bosses at Tesco put its top selling ready meal between two slices of bread.

From tomorrow, Britons can buy the world's first lasagne sandwich - complete with a slice of pasta - for £2.
Dubbed the LAS-andwich, it was inspired by students who reckon the mixture of cold lasagne and bread is the ultimate snack...


belinda said...

Hey Vince, When your not too busy would you send me a copy of that blog thing you had made for me. I really liked it especially because of the cross. My computer and all of my files are gone along with my photos but I recalled that most of the photos you have made for me are actually on my blog anyway. Thank you for all of the photos btw..

Would you consider going into the dark recesses of your blog and copying the instruction code for the post title? I want to try to paste it onto my blog. Maybe that would give me my title back.

Thank you so very much. I know you really do have better things to do.

Thank you ....thank you... thank you.

I don't know how to block the creepers who crashed my computer. They keep sending me porn too. I opened the cootie through my email.

Mulier Fortis said...


Mr Vincenzo, who is the "we" who has decided I need to return to blogging?

...although it sounded menacing enough for me to take the advice...

Vincenzo said...

Hehe. I was speaking for the entire blogosphere. :}

belinda said...

Dear Miss Mac,
You do have a lovely blog... I just took a peek :)

Vincenzo said...

Belinda, try one of the new Blogger templates and see if that fixes your post title problem.