Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is it Something in the Water? The Emasculation of Corporate Logos

According to Ray Lovegrove,
"The substances in the [contraceptive] pill may be altered a little  by the body but for the main part, pass through  the bloodstream and eventually into the urine.  Urine ends up in water supplies and eventually back in the drinking water - so what has happened to those hormones during this process? Well, much of the hormonal material is still present but very diluted - so diluted in fact, that it is hard to say what effects it is having. Hormone replacement therapy employs similar hormones and these also get into the water supply. This issue is beginning to cause concern for a number of reasons..."
"You will doubtless have read news items about young males having a much lower sperm count than they did twenty or thirty years ago. The average young man in the UK, for instance, has a much lower sperm count than a man in his forties or fifties! Various causes for this phenomenon have been put forward, including the fit (or not...) of underwear, pesticides in the environment (many of which are surprisingly similar to hormones) and hormones in the water supply."
I started considering this issue after reading my fellow Amentior blogger Cathy of Alex's piece "We Are a Nation of Pansy Children" where she noted the sissification of today's youth. 

I now wonder if the oral contraceptive hormones in our water supply are responsible for a disturbing trend, something I'm certain we all have noticed but I've yet to see discussed anywhere...
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