Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Photoshopping Regularizes Catholic Marriages, Brings People Back to the Faith!

Some people believe that symbols, traditional visual reminders of the faith and our Catholic heritage aren't important (e.g., those who have stripped our churches of statues and beauty), but here is a reminder of how imagery can result in the striking up of a conversation and result in bringing people back to the faith.

I created a Pray for the Pope/"Oremus pro Pontifice" coffee mug design for Father Z and he received the following report from a priest:

What happens when you take a coffee mug to Starbucks?

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For the Just Too Cool file…

A priest who reads the blog and who bought some "Oremus pro Pontifice" coffee mugs sent me this note and photo:

I use them at Starbucks, and "they" have led to one return to the faith and one regularization of a marriage.

In both cases, the first conversation concerned the mug, not my Roman collar.
I am picturing armies of wdtprs’ers occupying coffee shops with mugs and helping to get people’s marriages on track, start going to Mass again, making the first good confession in years….

So just imagine what displaying a Pope Pius Clock might accomplish!

Featuring Pius Popes - I-XII
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 Detail of Pope Pius VII's portrait on the clock 


"For over 10 years I’ve had a kitchen clock that my good friend, Laura, bought for me years ago. It sings out a different bird at the top of the hour. You may have had one a decade ago; they were a “fad” around the same time as the dreaded “Billy Bass” phenomenon!

My Dad detests the clock. When I bought my house in 2001, he personally moved it over to my house and hung it in the kitchen. Before I bought the house I was living with my Dad. I’d moved in to help him care for my mother. After she died, I remained living there for a few years; Dad and I needed each other. Finally, I was ready to move on. Dad made sure I took that “dang bird clock” with me.

I’ve been pondering buying a new kitchen clock for a while. In these days of timepieces on nearly everything; sometimes a clock seems unnecessary. But, I’ve always thought a kitchen clock not only tells time but it makes a statement.

What better statement to make about your Faith than a clock with all 12 Pope Pius’ on it!" - Cathy of Alex


Unknown said...

When I was in the Army in Germany, as I was about to get discharged, I got a letter from my Mom, mentioning that my Dad would like a cuckoo clock. I kinda ignored the request/order. Then a couple of weeks later, I received another note mentioning the cuckoo clock request. I got the hint, but didn't take it seriously enough to get him a good one, but a little cheap one.

He seemed appreciative (I thought). But five years later, he and my Mom took a two week vacation to Germany and Austria and had a wonderful time. And he came back with a real nice large cuckoo clock. And promptly hung it on the wall, near their bedroom.

Another five years passed, and I approvingly nodded to myself at the nice clock as I would go to my old bedroom when I occasionally visited them in Duluth.

Then, sadly, my Dad died of heart problems in 1978. I came home for the funeral and the first change I noticed in the house was that Mom had stopped the (infernal) cuckoo clock dead in its tracks. Ten years of cuckoo-ing had been way too much for her.

I have it now, but I have never started it up again.

Vincenzo said...

I've always preferred silent clocks. Even light ticking keeps me awake.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Nice marketing tie-in Vin! Ray: You need Pius clock! It's so easy to order and it comes with a battery!

Rachel said...

Ray, your story is a neat illustration of all the little crazy-making things one must learn to put up with in a marriage. (Or a family... or a roommate... or a religious order...)

Vincenzo, that's awesome. :)