Friday, July 16, 2010

Medjugorje ‘Visionaries’ May Have to Reveal ‘Secrets’ to Vatican Commission

by Brian Kelly

From what I understand that’s a lot of  ‘secrets.’ The ‘seers’ are going to have to get together soon and get their stories straight. Can’t have any contradictory ‘secrets.’ I wish I could sit in on that pow-wow...

"Blessed Virgin, Mother of Christ and of us, intercede for peace in this restless region of the Church, in the diocese of Mostar, intercede especially for this place, for this parish, where innumerable times your blessed name was mentioned in words which were not yours. Make them stop fabricating messages in your name. Accept, Blessed Virgin, satisfaction through the sincere prayers of the devout souls who have no part in fanaticism and disobedience to the Church. Dear Madonna, humble and obedient servant of God, let the faithful of Medjugorje follow with their firm steps the shepherd of the local Church so that all of us might together glorify and praise you in truth and love.
Amen!" - Homily of Bishop Pavao Zanic on Medjugorje

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