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Catholic Voter Quandary - The Vortex With Michael Voris

By Michael Voris

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

A big question has erupted lately around the question of how should Catholics vote. The choice for faithful Catholics isn’t between Obama and Romney. The idea of voting for Obama is simply off the table.

No the choice is between voting for Romney or not. Under the “or not” category that could mean either just not voting for president at all, voting for a 3rd party guy or writing someone in.

Now immediately – the knee jerk and valid response on the part of many is – what do you mean; not voting at all IS a vote for Obama because your vote isn’t able to be used to cancel out a vote FOR him.

And that is absolutely true and valid. As a matter of fact, in every presidential race I have voted with the exception of Ronald Reagan, I have for voted for the guy I did so that I could vote AGAINST the other guy.

This strategy is often referred to as “choosing the lesser of two evils”. And it is a very logical short term strategy. In the case before us in this current election .. we have a man who is enemy of life, morality, and truth. It is unthinkable that may Catholic could cats a vote for Obama.

So the thinking goes – then we have to hold our nose and vote for Romney .. not because he’s Romney, but because he’s NOT Obama.

Let’s look at this a little more deeply. Faithful Catholics don’t want Obama because he is a conduit for evil – no doubt about it.

But think of this .. if/when a faithful Catholic goes into the voting booth and pulls a lever for Romney – he is pulling the lever for a man who supports same-sex civil unions and has stated that he thinks such couples should be able to adopt. In short, the dilemma is a guy who supports a heck of a lot of evil, or a guy who supports a little less evil. Man, that’s our choice.

And here’s the root of the problem. Faithful Catholics and other political conservatives have been used and abused by the Republican Party establishment for decades. In five of the last 8 presidential elections, a republican has won. Abortion on demand is still the law of the land and America has continued her downward moral spiral, granted at varying speeds depending on which party is in control.

But that’s just the point – it boils down to a question of just how fast we are rocketing to hell. Warp speed if the democrats are in charge, cruise control if the Republicans are.


At some point, Catholics and other like minded moral people, who believe that the number one issue with  America is not the economy but moral rot, have got to get out of this box of vote for the bad guy OR the REALLY bad guy.

Moral conservatives have been neglected and thrown crumbs from the table paid lip service for decades by the GOP establishment EXACTLY like African American voters have been abused and thrown crumbs from the table and paid lip service by the Democratic establishment for those same decades.

Million of children are still being aborted and the much of African American community is still mired in crushing poverty. How many elections does it take to realize that the establishment of both parties are conning their base for votes. Just as the primary season began heating up .. leading republicans were putting the word out that all the moral values talk should stop – that we needed to concentrate on the economy and nothing else. They got quote the backlash for that.

The talk quickly died away, but it was revealing. It revealed where the heart and mind of party leadership is. And it ain’t with the moral agenda.

Now .. granted .. there’s nothing at this late stage .. less than 90 days before the election that can happen to change the way this whole sorry game of money and influence and back-scratching is played .. not right now that is.

But there will be another election .. presumably and it is in the run up to the next one that serious moral conservatives .. Catholics, Protestants, Jews, have to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are really gonna keep supporting the party that takes us to hell at a slower pace.

Moral conservatives get treated this way because the party leadership knows at the end of the day .. most, practically all will choose the “lesser of two evils” option and therefore, the party establishment never has to give an account because they never have to suffer any consequences.

Now there are good moral conservatives within the party, both parties as well as some fringe parties. Polls continue to show that around 40 percent of Americans identify themselves as conservatives. That probably varies on a range depending on what issue comes up specifically.

But nonetheless, these numbers are not small. Imagine what would happen if all the moral conservatives from both the republican and democratic parties .. not just supporters, but leaders as well, elected office holders, movers and shakers, the influence leaders who are sick of the status quo, but have resigned themselves to it, imagine if immediately after this election .. in preparation for the next .. said, “that’s it. Nothing ever really changes. A new party is needed where men and women from within the current party establishments leave the old game and start an entirely new one? What would be the possibilities?

Right now the system is set up within each party to simply hold on to power. What is done with that power – the moral good – is held hostage to the desire for power at almost any cost just for its own sake.

This would require a bold move .. motivated by conscience and a desire to see the moral good prevail .. on the part of current leaders. The rank and file joe average voter doesn’t have the ability to pull this off. But leaders within the parties do. What’s to prevent them from getting on the phone with each other and talking about this idea. It’s the country and culture that’s at stake after all – their political careers are of no consequence.

If they try and lose, so what? They would have gone down in a blaze of glory fighting for the good, the true and the beautiful. But one thing is clear and it is this – moral conservatives, Catholics and others simply cannot be content to keep going into the booth and voting for FEWER intrinsic evils and expect that anything is gonna besides the SPEED with which we are morally decomposing.

Its highly doubtful that Obama supporters .. the tens of millions of them that will vote for him in a few weeks are undergoing any such moral dilemma and self-examination. They back him precisely BECAUSE of the evils he supports .. abortion .. same-sex marriage and so forth.

Until moral conservatives can back a candidate with the same conviction and eagerness ..

instead of this lackluster “hold your nose” approach, America will continue to disintegrate. It’s nothing else than a matter of speed, that’s all.

In order for the political order to change, the political process must change. When each party has become morally corrupt and only differ in degree, it’s time to hit the reset button.

GOD Love you,

I’m Michael Voris


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