Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monsignor Georg Ganswein to Become Bishop?

From Catholic Church Conservation:

REGENSBURG. Who will be the new Bishop of Regensburg? Who takes up the space deserted following Gerhard Ludwig Müller's appointment as prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith? The guessing game is in progress. "I would also like to know," confessed merrily recently the chairman of the Bavarian bishops' conference in Munich, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, on the sidelines of a reception in Schleissheim Castle .

Only the Pope knows what will happen next. Nevertheless, there is vigorous speculation.

Rumour most gorgeous: Papal Secretary George Gänswein who Benedict XVI reportedly wishes to get out of the firing line in the Vatileaks affair will move to Regensburg. It's not the first time that a church leader removes a man out from his restricted surroundings to a new position. John Paul II appointed his secretary to be the Cardinal of Krakow.

If the worst happens: Gänswein would not be a tame bishop. Charm and good looks meet in "Don Giorgio" with a sharp intellect and eloquence...


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