Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chinese beachgoers, preferring paleness, wrap up in the ‘facekini’

By Alex Dickinson

(The Daily) No, they’re not about to rob a bank and this isn’t a Pussy Riot support rally.

These swimmers in the seaside city of Qingdao are just taking part in the latest fashion craze to hit China — “facekinis.”

The colorful fabric masks — which cover everything down to the collarbones, leaving a gap only for eyes, nostrils and mouths — are the latest way to prevent getting overtanned, enthusiasts say.

“The mask not only helps me from getting tanned, it also prevents jellyfish stings,” bather Liu Aiwen told Chinese media. “Normal swimmers here all dress like this. We’re used to it already.”

Websites selling the masks for between $2 and $4 say their bright orange version can even scare off sharks. And probably a few friends.


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