Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Father Gay

By Michael Voris

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

Just when you want to be hopeful that many of the crazies in the Church have finally passed on and the damage they have inflicted on tens of millions of Catholics might at

last be receding .. something like this pops up to remind you that we re nowhere near out of the woods.

In fact .. in many ways .. this spiritual insanity has become the new normal and so institutionalized that for most Catholics today .. they don’t even bat an eyelid.

Here’s the scene. In the upcoming election .. Minnesota has a ballot initiative declaring marriage to be between one man and one woman. In short .. banning same-sex so-called marriage.

So a yes vote is a vote in favor of traditional marriage and a no vote is in favor of homosexual sex being called marriage.

Look and listen who is leading the charge for homosexual sex to be called marriage. 2:23 It was in November 2005 - 2:58 A mistake?

An openly professing homosexual priest is coming out in favor of gay marriage. We’ve attached a link to the video if you can stomach his despicable twisting of Catholic truth.

A few weeks ago .. while we were in Rome .. we produced a couple of heavily viewed Vortex episodes on the serious problem of homosexual infiltration into the Catholic clergy .. at all levels.

Those Vortex episodes came about as a direct result of discussions with various individuals in Rome who are greatly distressed at the far-reaching and powerful influence of the homosexual network within the Church.

That network protects and allows men like Fr. Bob Pierson to stand up in front crowds of Catholics .. play the pity card .. and DE-form their intellects by calling good evil and evil good.

3:00 – I could not in good conscience – 3:19 we can vote no.

You can only vote no Father, if you are a dissident Catholic. A Catholic who disregards the authority of the Church and therefore the authority of Christ Himself.

In fact Father, you epitomize the very problem the Church has had to deal with for over 50 years now. Your superiors have allowed you to run wild and pervert the minds of others.

You take your own personal issues and problems twisted moral viewpoint and .. using your position as a priest .. try to convince others to join you in your wickedness. What you are doing is disgusting. Why don’t you take off that collar since you so vehemently disagree with what it stands for. Stand up for what you believe and stop living off the institution whose teachings you so bitterly despise.

If you are so honorable and so motivated by your conscience .. how in good conscience are you able to sponge of the good will of others. You don’t seem to have any pangs of conscience when it comes to that.

You let people address you as father, yet you are a nothing more than a hireling .. using the Church to advance your own twisted and sick ideology. Be a man father and take off that collar. Go make an honest living.

You hold yourself out as some kind of paragon of moral virtue and rectitude because you have the courage to stand up and profess your homosexuality and explain to us how it motivates your every action .. is the wellspring from which your priesthood flows.

You are supposed to be an other Christ for your flock. What you are is a walking presentation of the diabolical and someone in desperate need of prayers.

This speech was given in Edina Minnesota .. a Minneapolis St. Paul suburb before about 200 Catholics. They too have been malformed .. no doubt by many other wolves in sheep’s clothing through the decades.

A man of God .. dedicated to and ordained for the salvation of souls .. has the audacity to stand before fellow Catholics and reinforce their own wicked notions. Instead of leading them to Our Blessed Lord .. he is helping them lose the vision of Him for eternity.

Where are this man’s superiors? Where are other priests stepping forward to call him out on his evil .. and it is most decidedly evil. In fact .. it’s demonic.

What sort of delusion must men like this be suffering under to think that what they are proposing is something that Almighty God would bless and condone.

Fr. Pierson is involved in campus ministry at a nearby university. Think of the poison he can drip into the minds and hearts of young men and women who he encounters. Instead of building them into towering models of faith and virtue .. he drags them down to his own degraded level.

The whole 10 minute speech is nothing but a series of distortions and out of contexts comments quoting the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He spends a great deal of time distorting the Church’s teaching on conscience but one gets the sense that at the end of the day .. Fr. Bob is trying desperately salve his own conscience and wants as many people as possible to come along with him so he can feel good about himself.

He has no regard for the Pope .. Our Lord .. the Church .. and most especially the souls he influences.

And just when you though it was safe to step out into the New Springtime of the Church.

If you google Fr. Bob, you will see that this pro-mortal sin speech he gave has become quite the cause célèbre on the liberal blogosphere.

They are all talking about it .. and nominating the “brave” priest for honors and awards.

He all the rage with the godless crowd.

But you will have to dig deep and look far and wide to see him discussed with any length or seriousness in the Establishment Church blogosphere – you know – the world where Catholic elites hang out. Nary a peep.

You see .. to openly discuss this sort of thing .. upsets the carefully crafted narrative the Elites want to advance. A narrative that there’s no crisis in the Church .. that we are a Church of joy .. not a Church of NO.

That most things are happy and nice. That we can sit down and dialog with enemies who hate us .. hate Christ actually .. and plop down expensive chicken dinners in front of them.

The establishment Church is about nothing other than dialog and civility .. social niceties and polite manners .. exchanging funny one-liners. They purposefully turn a blind eye to the evil right in their midst because to acknowledge it and those who point it out would be devastating to their presentation of the New Church.

Everyone of these examples .. like the morally filthy speech of Fr. Bob .. is just one more example of the larger rot in the Church .. the rot that allows immorality and wickedness to spread virtually unchallenged.

Do people in the Church who think they contribute to this silence .. and by extension allow the evil to remain .. are really gonna stand in front of Almighty God and not have to give an account for their complicity.

And it is complicity to see this sort of evil and filth and remain quiet and throw a cloak of silence over it and not call leaders to account.

Sitting in front of this “priest” is a near jubilant crowd of 200 Catholics hootin and hollerin as Fr. Bob mocks Church teaching by deforming it and his audience.

Ask yourself this .. do you think Our Blessed Lord would sit by silently and not say anything. His anger flared up against the moneychangers in the temple and all they were doing was using the temple precincts as their own personal bank to defraud people.

What will He do when his judgment comes to pass on those who pervert His truths and those who grant them license to do?

GOD Love you,

I’m Michael Voris


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