Monday, June 7, 2010

Rove: W.H. Press Assoc. Credentialed 'Homeless' Reporter the Bush Administration Had to Feed Cheeseburgers

"...Rove offered up some bizarre evidence as proof of the White House having very little control of the comings and goings of the White House press corps - the admission of what he called a 'homeless' woman.

'We had a problem with a woman who I think was mentally ill, who is a minor player on the journalistic scene, who literally, the former chief of staff used to take her for cheeseburgers at McDonald's in order to make sure she was fed,' Rove said. 'It seemed to be a homeless person and we couldn't get her out of the White House press operation."

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Pablo the Mexican said...

That small act of Charity by the Bush Administration could wind up saving him from the fires of Hell...

God made Saint Gregory the Great a Pope because of a small act of Charity His Holiness had forgotten about, until an angel reminded him of it.