Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mini gun to lure female UK cops

The Australian 

MEMBERS of Scotland Yard's elite bodyguard unit are being armed with smaller, lighter "baby" guns as part of a drive to attract more female officers. 

The move is aimed at recruiting bodyguards with smaller hands. However, critics fear it could hamper the close protection officers who guard the Queen, the Prime Minister and other VIPs if they have to fend off an attack.

"It's a disadvantage because the smaller guns have less firepower and are less accurate," said a police firearms expert.

Supporters deny the Yard is putting political correctness before security by trying to recruit women.

They say the change is part of a legitimate attempt by the Metropolitan police chiefs to reflect the community better.

Others believe the move underlines the explosion of a "diversity agenda" that began in the 1990s and was led by a new breed of police chiefs who thought the traditional force was too male-dominated...


Adoro said...

Oh my gosh. Just like men to assume the size of the Johnson is the problem.

Speaking as a former cop...the size of the gun has nothing to do with the job, and in fact, if they're going wimpy women are LESS likely to take part. Seriously, the greater the firepower the better!

If you're going to use it, you are using it for DEADLY FORCE and you want the other guy trying to kill you to DIE before he succeeds!

Vincenzo said...

They can try something like this - with its interchangeable backstraps for different hand sizes.