Saturday, June 5, 2010

(Episcopal) Bishop Dan Herzog Answers Questions about His Return to the Episcopal Church

VOL: My first question concerns a statement you made in your letter of resignation in March 2007. You wrote, "There is a sense of joyful contentment in being in union with the office of Peter and the universal church." Did that "joyful contentment" suddenly end? What was it about the "office of Peter" that no longer seemed quite so attractive to you and Carol?

HERZOG: I believe I overestimated my ability to set aside a ministry that has been at the heart of our life a long time. The people, both clergy and lay, have been intertwined in Carol's and my life for than more than forty years...

VOL: When you were in the Roman Catholic Church, were you a priest or were you laicized? If a priest, were you given an opportunity to minister as a Roman Catholic while in the archdiocese of Syracuse?

HERZOG: I was never a Roman Catholic priest, nor did I minister in any RC parish the past three years. In fact, in the past three years I never celebrated the Eucharist. Those close to me know how hard that was.

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