Monday, October 3, 2011

Investigative Report on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development’s Grants for the year 2010-2011

From Reform The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) Now:

Issued October 2011



For a number of years, there has been concern with the grants that CCHD distributes. There have been specific complaints that a significant portion of the grants have been given to organizations working in direct contradiction to Church teaching.

In 2009, American Life League joined with several other concerned organizations to form the Reform CCHD Now Coalition. In March of 2010, the coalition sent a report on CCHD to each bishop, showing that, in 2009–2010, 51 out of 237 groups receiving CCHD funding either directly or through coalition membership promoted abortion, birth control, homosexuality, and/or Marxism. Thus, 21% ofthe groups funded by CCHD were involved in such work.

As a result of this activity, CCHD conducted an internal effort to revamp its grant process and ensure that all grantees adheredto strict guidelines. The results were published in a CCHD Renewal Document.

2010–2011 Grantees

In January, 2011, CCHD published its list of 2010–2011 grantees. At that time, American Life League reviewed the list and was disappointed to see that many of the offending organizations were still on the list and, in fact, others have been added.

The attached report documents that, of the 218 organizations funded by CCHD, 14 are directly involved in activities contrary to Church teaching and 40 are actively involved in coalitions with such activities. Thus, 54 groups (24%) funded by CCHD are involved in anti-Catholic work.

The number, and percentage, of offending organizations has actually INCREASED in the last year –from 51 to 54 groups and from 21% to 24%.

These 54 organizations received a total of $1,863,000 of the $7,608,000 distributed in CCHD grants in 2010-2011.

Summary of Findings

According to CCHD guidelines, “no grantee may participate in or promote activities that contradict the moral and social teachings of the Church.”As will be illustrated in this report, the following grantees are in violation of this guideline for directly participating in activities and promotions in contradiction with Catholic moral and social teaching (Clicking the highlighted links will take you instantly to that portion of the report):

1) Centro Campesino ($35,000) –Distributes condoms –DEFUNDED (See Update #1 on Updates page)

2) Somosun Pueblo Unido ($45,000) –Promotes contraceptive sex education and “reproductive justice”

3) NYC AIDS Housing Network ($30,000) –Distributes condoms and promoted Transgender Day of Remembrance

4) Southwest Organizing Project ($45,000) –Lead agency for a contraception promoting sex education program

5) DesisRising Up and Moving (DRUM) ($35,000) –Promoted Transgender Day of Remembrance and received grant money specifically for LGBT activism

6) United Workers Association ($50,000) –Joined a coalition that supports same-sex marriage

7) Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center ($28,000) –Promoted pro-abortion National Organization for Women and pro-homosexual P-FLAG on its website

8) Michigan Interfaith Voice ($25,000) –Received multiple grants from the ArcusFoundation for the promotion of homosexuality

9) Michigan Organizing Project ($40,000) -Received multiple grants from the ArcusFoundation for the promotion of homosexuality

10) Coalition LA ($40,000) – Produced a voter guide in 2000 calling for a NO vote on Proposition 22, which was a ban on same-sex marriage

11) Women’s Community Revitalization Project ($40,000) –Was an “associate member agency” and grant recipient from an organization that funds ONLY pro-abortion organizations..


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