Monday, October 10, 2011

Intruders Beware: Homemade Robot Can Shoot 1,000 Rounds per Minute

By Alice Truong

security robot
Image: Beatty Robotics

(Discovery Channel) As part of its security system, the Beatty Family created Mechatron, an “armored beast” with a mounted turret that can fire 1,000 pellets a minute, PCWorld reports. Intruders beware: This bot is armed and ready to take you on.

The turret of the 45-pound robot has 8 ultrasonic sensors that calculate to the inch the distance between it and other objects. If an object moves towards the robot in defense mode, the turret aims and fires automatically. The fully automated electric gun shoots brass or plastic pellets at 350 feet per second. Mechatron knows a couple of tactics too, including “shoot and scoot” (in between shooting, it moves its position as part of its defensive strategy) and “peak and shoot” (sneak up from behind a wall, shoot and retreat).

Three other ultrasonic sensors allow the robot to move autonomously by detecting objects in its path. Each of the wheels, with rollers attached at a 45-degree angle, has a motor, gearbox and software controller. The robot can move in any direction, including strafing side to side, diagonally or in circles. The different LED lights under its body correspond to the direction of travel.

It speaks too. Just start running when you hear “Primary weapon system: Armed and prepared to fire.”
See this machine in action in the video above.

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