Tuesday, October 25, 2011

35. Exorcism tips from Holy Souls Hermitage – Don’t do an exorcism on those who want to be possessed (like when Shirley MacLaine goes Out On a Limb)

By Father George David Byers

Ever since Shirley MacLaine went Out On a Limb in the early 1980s, and started “channeling spirits”, being possessed has been fashionable among those who are demographically white, rich, young or old… anyone from the self-styled elite women addicted to Hollywood house parties to the loner and lonely teenage boy who’s visited the Satanism section of the bookstore, wanting to practice his pentagram tracings, as if that makes him special and invincible with special visits of Satan.

The far East brought Reiki to the West, while West Africa brought Vodou (Vodun) and Santería, among others. These are all methods by which to be possessed. The method itself it neither here nor there, for they are all despised by Satan. He is not obliged by these things, but would participate and encourage such stupidities for the sake of having human beings serve him, which he hates as well (for why bother?). Satan’s mockery of human beings with such things as “channeling” is done in hatred of God, for he knows that the Lord loves us, even though we have sinned, and knows that the Lord wants us to repent and turn by His grace to all goodness and kindness.

Some practitioners of such things (with plenty of charlatans) might take offense at my saying that they are inviting Satan’s minions to possess them, as if such possessions had to involve the famous pea soup scenes of films like the original The Exorcist. The Judeo-Catholic definition of possession is much broader than all that. So, no offense meant! However, as has been covered in other posts of this series, there is no dead person available to be channeled. That’s not how it works.

Such things, if they are actually being done, are just Satan’s mockery of the gullibility and tendency to self-congratulation of human beings. Satan rarely shows himself as horrific, only doing so when he thinks he can get someone to despair because of his antics. Satan is much more likely to be nicey-nice, until one sinks further and further, unknowingly, into his mind games.

However, don’t be fooled, it is always, always about pride... (continued)