Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yoga, Enneagram, Tai-chi, Labyrinth, Channeling, Reiki in Catholic Parishes

By Cathy of Alex

I find it interesting that supposed Catholic parishes charge up to 3 figures for yoga, enneagram, tai-chi, labyrinth, channeling, reiki and other New Age non-Catholic (and in my opinion and in the opinion of other like,oh ,the USCCB) "classes" held on parish grounds or in the Church. I once attended yoga classes in the main church itself. It was a church with moving chairs so they moved them and set up the mats. I'm not kidding...


Why are we financing some New Age practitioners lifestyle by letting them collect money to teach this garbage to the faithful when the average parish priest doesn't get any extra money and is buying socks out of a bin at the Salvation Army Thrift Store?

Where are our priorities? Seriously...

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