Sunday, June 5, 2011

Altar girls and the Extraordinary Form of the Mass - Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei States They Are Not Permitted

From Father Zuhlsdorf:

"I have now a copy of a letter sent by the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesiae Dei” and signed by the Secretary Msgr. Guido Pozzo, which clarifies that UE 28 in fact does say that females cannot serve at the altar in the Extraordinary Form.

The letter essentially quotes UE 28 and then states:
In this regard, the Circular Letter of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments of 1994 (cf. Notitiae 30 [1994] 333-335) permitted female altar servers, does not apply to the Extraordinary Form.
Bottom line: females may not serve at the altar in the Extraordinary Form..."

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Mike said...

Thanks for this...a definite keeper...but it will not end the debate. Part and parcel to the Instruction are the requirements for obtaining permission to use the 'extraordinary form'. These include, among other things, acceptance of the validity of the 'ordinary form' (that is, the 'Novus Ordo' together with Altar girls). Likewise, as one who joined the Church post Vatican II even I can see that the Mass of 1962 (called the 'extraordinary form' in the Instruction) is not identically the Mass of Pius V and not in line with his Papal Bull (Quo Primum which requires no permission of any kind to celebrate)...and which we, as Catholics, take as directly from the authentic Magisterium, that is, Christ's teaching...albeit perhaps misunderstanding its (His), as I said, this development will not end the debate...though it is useful to the extent it forbids altar girls...