Friday, June 24, 2011

Peter Falk of "Columbo" dies at 83 - R.I.P.

Actor Peter Falk attends a press conference for the film, "The Thing About My Folks" (Credit: Thos Robinson)'s Trending) A family spokesperson confirmed to CBS News that actor Peter Falk has died.

Falk is an American actor who received notoriety for his role as Lieutenant Columbo on the popular television series "Columbo." The actor was very esteemed and was nominated for Academy Awards twice for his work in "Murder Inc." and "Pocketful of Miracles." Falk won five Emmy Awards, four of which were for "Columbo" and other for "The Golden Glove." Younger fans known him as the grandfather who read to his sick grandson and narrated "The Princess Bride."

Details have not yet emerged on the nature of his death, but continue to check back, and we will update you as the story progresses. Falk had been suffering from Alzheimer's, and had been put into a controversial conservatorship, which was opposed by his family.

Here are some of the things being said as fans mourn Falk on Twitter:

"OMG! So sad 2 here about Peter Falk! Loved that he still worked late into his years!! God rest his soul!!" "I loved Peter Falk-I met him a couple of times in LA-he raised money for the shelter where I got my kitty"

"Aw, no. Peter Falk has shuffled off :( Not only great in Columbo, but his character in Wings of Desire has one of the greatest plot twists."

"No. I refuse to believe that Peter Falk is dead. I know the news says he is, but no....just no. Not him. Any celebrity but him. Please."

"RIP Peter Falk..watching reruns of Columbo reruns with my grandpa is a great childhood memory. prayers with his fam & friends"

"Sad to hear that Peter Falk has died. RIP Columbo."

"Man, today sucks. Jerry Lewis rushed to hospital, Peter Falk passed away...what's next?"

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