Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Because You're Paranoid...

From Mulier Fortis:
"Daphne McLeod, in writing to Cardinal Burke after he had cancelled the talk he was due to give, mentioned that Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice had enemies who were actively working to undermine the group.

It is true that the advertising of the Cardinal's talk was rather unwise, and might have been sufficient on its own to cause the Cardinal to withdraw. However, anyone who is in any doubt that the group is being actively attacked need only to see the news in today's Catholic Herald blog. Mark Greaves reports that Westminster Methodist Hall were told that a spokesman for Westminster Cathedral had confirmed that Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice were not the kind of people who should speak in Westminster Hall.

Oh really?

A spokesman from Westminster Cathedral?

Is this the same Westminster Cathedral which hosted the concert "The 99 Beautiful Names"? Or perhaps it's the same Cathedral which hosted the book launch for The Gospel According to Judas..."  (continued)

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