Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pray faster we're next

From Belinda's Brain blog:


Pablo the Mexican said...

Pray for the Padre that gave her Extreme Unction and prevented Ryan O'Neal from 'marrying' her on her deathbed, thus condemning her soul to Hell as an adultress.

I hope she also got the Apostolic Blessing.

I saw her with a rosary in her hand as she was laying in her deathbed.

God bless the people that catechized her and the Priest that baptized her.


belinda said...

Vincenzo, Thanks for mentioning my blog. It's aways nice to blog with you.

This cemetery was strange because I kinda felt like I knew these people -even though I didn't. I was especially sad when I saw Don Knotts.

People in that town use people and they don't care about the outcome.

So very many sad stories in that cemetery.