Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fr. Corapi Filed Defamation Suit On Advice of Fr. Flanagan, Founder of the Society of Our Lady and Bishop Rene Gracida

"I filed the civil defamation suit against the accuser on the advice of Fr. James Flanagan, Founder of the Society of Our Lady; and Bishop Rene Gracida, former Bishop of Corpus Christi. They felt it was the only way I could receive justice." - Fr. Corapi via Facebook

And at BlackSheepDog.us:

http://societyofourlady.net/images/founder-01.jpg"Many have asked, or criticized, me concerning the reason I filed a civil defamation suit against the accuser in this case. It is because the two men I respect most in the Catholic Church advised me to do so.  Fr. James Flanagan, Founder and most respected member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, and Bishop Rene Gracida, the former Bishop of Corpus Christi, had a meeting on this matter. The result was that they advised me strongly to file a civil defamation suit. Why would they do this? Because they felt it was the only way I could receive a fair and just hearing. This advice was conveyed to me through Fr. Tony Anderson of the Society of Our Lady.

http://www.stjosephsmen.com/images/185_bishop_rene_gracida.jpgConcerning money, most people know me through radio and television. My broadcasts for 17 years on both radio and television were absolutely free to the public. I was never paid for them by EWTN or any radio station, nor did EWTN or any radio station ever charge anyone to view them. The past several years I never charged a fee to speak at events either. Furthermore, I have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to various Catholic organizations, and directed millions more from benefactors that wanted to give it to me. I did not accept charitable contributions, although I could have received millions.

The Bishop’s star witness against me is a severely troubled person that I tried to help for years. I provided the Church with evidence as to this accuser’s credibility very early on. There are two hours of audio telephone messages that clearly demonstrate this person’s serious lack of credibility. We shall consider posting some of these audio clips in the future. You can decide if this person sounds sober and/or sane."

Update June 22: Fr. Corapi: I am listening.. I will not be releasing those audio tapes.
Update June 23: Michael Voris on Fr. John Corapi and the Sanctimonious "Professional Catholic" Celebrities Condemning Him

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Fr. Selvester said...

Why is this post accompanied by a photo a retired Archbishop of Atlanta John Donahue? That is not a photo of Bishop Gracida.