Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pride 'Prayer Service' in Boston


2ordinary adj 3 b : deficient in quality : poor, inferior

Yes, the Ordinary Mass for "Pride" in Boston is turning out to be quite a "drama" - but that was to be expected, right? First, the "Pride" Ordinary Mass was scheduled (see bulletin image - right), then it was vacated by the Archdiocese, then the Archdiocese partly reversed itself to allow a "Pride 'Prayer Service'". And now the local priestly member of the Parish Council attacks all whose "hate" has prevented the Ordinary Mass.

All details in Joe Sacerdo's blog - he has been at the forefront of exposing this truly ordinary Ordinary Mass. (Image on the left: Father John Unni, the twelfth member of the local Parish Council).

Note: anyway, why is "pride" being celebrated at all? Should it not "be carefully repressed"? Is it not "hateful in the sight of God"? Is not the "prince and ruler of this world" the "king over all the children of pride"? Is not pride "the root of all sins"? This in a very cursory reading of the Roman Catechism (Catechism of the Council of Trent). So what is exactly a "Boston Pride Prayer Service"? Is it perhaps a collective display of what this same Catechism recommends: "Humbled in spirit, the sincere penitent casts himself down at the feet of the priest, to testify, by this his humble demeanour, that he acknowledges the necessity of eradicating pride, the root of all those sins which he now deplores".

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