Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catholic Answers Bans New Threads About Michael Voris ("The Vortex") of Real Catholic TV

Update August 10th: The Vortex: Freedom of Speech (new video that responds to recent events)
Update August 10th: Catholic Answers Removes Ban

August 10th "The Vortex: Freedom of Speech":

Michael Voris: "So why is it that so many faithful Catholic media outlets pay so little attention to the politics and corruption and rotten things happening inside the Church? That's a fair question, and it's one that everyone needs to think about it.

Could it be that many of these media types in the faithful camp are somewhat hamstrung, they have their hands tied, and are unable to say what really needs to be talked about? Could it be that they enjoy friendly relations with various powerful people in the Church and don't want those relationships damaged?..." (continued in video)

Original August 7th post:

Saw this at the Catholic Caveman blog:
"Volpius Leonius said...
This video was so powerful any discussion of Michael Voris is now banned from Catholic Answers."

 "Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...
He's banned from them!!?? Amazingly enough... so am I!"

Michael Voris:


Emmy Award-Winning Broadcaster Leads Catholic Media Company

FERNDALE, Mich. (March 31, 2008) – It was The Da Vinci Code that triggered Michael Voris’ “road to Damascus” moment. A devout, knowledgeable Catholic with more than twenty years of television broadcasting experience, Voris planned to produce a one-hour TV program to refute the distortions and outright lies about Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church that were being disseminated by the novel and the movie. Very quickly Voris realized that the challenges facing the Catholic Church in the United States were much larger and more pernicious than a single blockbuster, and so he planned something much more ambitious than a single TV special.

Financed by a substantial withdrawal from his own retirement fund, and with the help of generous volunteers, Voris built a television studio in Ferndale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. He christened his new venture—St. Michael’s Media—placing the new company under the protection of the captain of the angels who drove Lucifer from Heaven. As for the television program, Voris chose a name as uncompromising as the great archangel—“The One True Faith.” The program began airing in the Detroit area in September 2006.

Voris knew exactly what he wanted “The One True Faith” to be; a straight-talking, informative, unabashedly orthodox program presented in an appealing, occasionally humorous way. Protestant televangelists had mastered this format years ago, but Voris knew that his experience in secular broadcasting could provide a production level that could compete with most mainstream talk shows.

Voris’ approach worked. Fervent Catholics, lukewarm Catholics, and lapsed Catholics tuned in to watch Voris tackle the tough questions about Catholic doctrine, Church history, and the Catholic viewpoint on contemporary issues. Accolades from laity and clergy started pouring in, and Voris and his team were delighted to learn that non-Catholics were watching the show, too. In less than two years St. Michael’s Media has expended into markets from New York to California, from Ontario to the Philippines.

In 2007 Voris began hosting a conservative Catholic radio talk show, “News and Views Weekly.” Like “The One True Faith,” the radio show discusses contemporary issues from a Catholic point of view. Every broadcast is smart, entertaining, and when it comes to the hard questions, Voris and his correspondents never pull their punches.

In addition to radio and television, St. Michael’s Media has produced an apologetics series and a three-part DVD series titled “Where Did The Bible Come From?”—all endorsed by Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of St. Louis.

When he isn’t in the studio, Voris is on the road. In parishes, at conferences, at retreat centers—wherever Catholics meet—Voris has become a sought-after speaker. On topics that range from the origins of the Bible, to the facts behind the decline of the Catholic Church in the West over the last 50 years, to the spiritual warfare that rages within every soul, Voris delivers a dynamic presentation that gives Catholics the facts, the inspiration, and the courage to face the challenges of living the faith in a society that is indifferent if not openly hostile to religion.

Shortly after his election Pope Benedict XVI called for “a New Evangelization” that would use new tools and new methods to bring the Gospel to the whole world. St. Michael’s Media has responded to that call.

To schedule an interview with Michael Voris please contact Ashley Walker at 678-990-9032.
And another post from their blog:


    Clifford Carvalho said...

    Read my thoughts on this here:

    Lynne said...

    Wow! They've always been quiet 'enemies' of the TLM...

    Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

    And he is
    I celebrate the EF almost every day but also the OF in both Latin and English frequently (sans abuses), so I am no rad-trad.
    But M. Voris is "on-target"...politics in the Church may have a lot to do with this "ban".

    Unknown said... has also "downgraded" RealCatholicTV's "fidelity" to "caution" after viewing the "Weapons of MASS Destruction" video.

    Banned from CAF and downgraded by within 24 hours of each other.

    Lynne said...

    Father, I don't know if it's Church 'politics' that caused the ban at CA... I remember a purge of traditionalists that occurred there in 2007 (or 2008). They weren't rad trads either. Just people defending the need for the TLM.

    Terry, that's obnoxious (the response on I wish I contributed there so I could stop but I *will* discontinue my contribution to CA... I should have done it when the initial purge occurred...

    Unknown said...

    Hey Lynn, I was tossed then.
    Remember they made a Traditional Catholic forum? They got us all on then tossed the lot of us.
    People who had been there for years, and not all of us TLM people, just Historic Catholics

    TTC said...

    Wow. As a fan of both of these men, I'm sorry to hear this.

    There is real pressure on media apostolates from Bishops and Cardinals who have been trying to hold onto the good old days when they could parade Mother Angelica into the public square and make her apologize for criticizing Cardinal Mahony.

    Amchurch has been sending shots like this across our bows for an entire generation as they've executed the internal schism.

    Bishops won't be friends with people who do it and those who need or want the friendship of Bishops more than want to get the truth out so that the Vatican will step into the situations and intercede for us are going along with the game. I'm really surprised to see Karl is among them.

    Boston, which has been ground zero, has a lot more in store for our country through the use of the National Roundtable from B.C. They have started the threats to de-fund parishes and schools who do not go along with the agenda.

    With the advent of the internet, the Amchurch Bishops feel their fiefdom is threatened and are stepping up the pressure to ban, criticize, malign, persecute the people shining a light on the schism and corruption. Good luck to them.

    TTC said...


    I'm stealing your prayer request idea in your margin. Thanks.

    Lynne said...

    Good point, netmilsmom, about your being long time members of CA when you were tossed. I don't know if the problem is really Karl Keating or 'mis-guided' moderators but the end result is the same...

    belinda said...

    I like Michael but I would like to see his haircut banned -yesterday. :)

    Larry Denninger said...

    Michael's my bud. Go Michael! He's the Voldemort of Catholic Answers!

    As to the CA ban - from reading the thread there on how there is to be no discussion of Him Who Shall Not Be Named - I got the impression CA banned discussion because the forum participants were getting out of control.

    But I think it's kinda overboard that CA will ex-communicate folks if they mention He Who Shall Not Be Named.

    ps - please bloroll me! I've added you to mine. Thanks!

    Larry Denninger said...

    p.s. - the 4 page thread at CA is pretty runny to read, btw.

    Jack said...

    This is typical of the tactics of the moderators of CAF. They HATE to be disagreed with.

    They claim an infallibility for themselves and their views that not even Pio Nono in his wildest dreams aspired to.

    Kevin Whiteman said...

    "Catholic" Answers has revealed what a bunch of phoniies they are.

    For even *discussing* Michael Voris gets you banned? Does that tell you something about those frauds?

    masterk00 said...

    The vatican II can not be catholic without the tradition, Vatican II byitself without the tradition is more like protestantism not catholic, I remember the pope said vatican II left the tradition untouched and many people interrupted it wrong thinking it was done awaywith making the church become lax spreading like a cancer.

    Rocks for Brains said...

    It's been a difficult 5 years for the Catholic Answers crowd.
    They obediently defended every abuse that occurred on JP2's watch and now we have a pope they probably think sounds like a sedevacantist.

    Altar girls going away in Madison?

    Larry Denninger said...

    CA has lifted the He Who Shall Not Be Named-themed ban. And if charity does not prevail, the poopyheads will be suspended.

    Balance in the innerwebsiverse has been restored.

    Unknown said...

    I have viewed a few Michael Voris' videos on YouTube after reading this article. I see nothing "horrible" about his views, I actually found some thought provoking.
    Having said that, I am more disgusted by the systemic issue at hand here. What bothers me is the "new world order" definition of freedom of speech. It seems to have transitioned culturally with the occurrence of the Patriot Act from a right of 'Freedom of Speech' (granted... save for shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded theater) to a right of 'Freedom of Speech' (as long as everyone in the room agrees with [you]). It seems that one of major friction points with Voris is his criticizing of american Bishops. With the past track record of poor and bad decisions, especially within the sexual misconduct and abuse cases, I think that internal review and criticism is actually a "good thing" at this point.
    IF there is something 'wrong' or liturgically incorrect stated by Voris, let the debate prove it. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong other than he is a bit abrasive. I am not sure that it is about time that someone calls to task problems inside the Church which may cause people to think. I did like his point, in one of the videos I saw, about 'In this new year, one million catholics will come to the Catholic Church. However, four million will leave". I do not hear any rhetoric from any church authority on the handling or fixing of this. None at all. Naturally, someone needs to take up this "void", and bring to light thoughts and ideas.
    No. I don't agree with Voris on a lot, but I on some things. I think there is enough value to consider his opinions which generate thought.
    NOW is the time to generate thoughts and ideas. Not sensor or hide them - save for the obvious evil and ridiculous detractors. I don't really see any of this in Voris, and I don't like the fascist censoring of people "just because" we do not agree with them. That is mean and hateful - in (and of) itself. To me, lends credibility to his arguments.
    As for "Catholic Answers" (again, totally outside the Voris debate), they seem to be caught in their own hipocracy.
    I noticed they use the word "catholic" in their title. This is proscribed under present Canon Law. I could be wrong, but I do not think they have a commission by the Vatican to operate, and were not started or are under imprimatur or Nihil Obstat under any diocesan initiative or directive allowing them the use of "catholic" in their name. I also see plenty of incorrect - almost heretical statements and miss-interpretations in their blogs...
    What was that old saying about people in glass houses?
    My point is, I think we should invite more intelligent and thought provoking review of our church, whether we agree or not. Not stifle and hid it.