Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cult of Feelings

From Our Lady's Tears:


"I just read my husband's excellent post on just one of the many current scourges upon the world in this time - what I have come to call the "cult of feelings" Far too many in our times have lost what so many in the past once took as a truth - that reason and the will must rule the emotions. The higher self must rule over the lower more base part of ourselves. Our will to live in virture must rule the physical desires of the body to wallow in passion. Emotions have their place, but they ought never to rule the soul.

Over my desk at work I have a list of things our Lord said to St. Faustina - one statement sums it up nicely:

"Do not be guided by feeling, because it is not always under your control; but all merit lies in the will."

~Our Lord Jesus Christ to St. Faustina."


Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

But, then Oprah wouldn't have a show and millions to play with (dollars, that is), the present POTUS would be back in Illinois, doing whatever it is he did there (probably not so good!) and the Catholic Church would actually be healthy, sound and vibrant in all ways!
Feelings...nothing more than feelings...yeah; well; get over it!
(Says the crabby Irish priest!!)

belinda said...

I agree with Father and I would add that the cult of feelings have been manufactured and mass produced by the Pro-testants who wont accept anything but a "feel good" religion. They produce at least 4 television shows running 24-7 on my public access TV - no cable and I've never heard a person over there yet say anything about picking up one's cross.
If a persons faith is based on feeling good then I wonder how their faith is withstanding the economic depression we are experiencing. If they suffer enough do they ditch their cushy idea of Jesus? Do they throw out the baby Jesus with the bath water?

Just another mad Catholic said...

Indeed Belinda

If my faith was based on 'emotion' alone I'd have apostaized ages ago