Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crocodile Dundee: I am not paying ... bugger them


Chelsea White
Herald Sun

PAUL Hogan has come out fighting against the tax man, declaring he will risk bankruptcy before he pays. 

Against his lawyer's advice, Hogan spoke for the first time last night - proving he hasn't lost his sense of humour despite being made a virtual prisoner in Australia.

The Aussie larrikin said he didn't owe the Australian Tax Office anything and couldn't afford to pay their bill anyway.

"I can't pay it, I can't pay 10 per cent of what they are asking for," Hogan said.

"But they don't want 10 per cent. I can't even pay 2 per cent - bugger them.

"I'm not as rich as people think I am."

Describing Tax Office officials as having "no class" and barely human, Hogan said he would not give in to their pressure...

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