Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Notre Dame de Namu Sister offers UK Media dissenting Catholics to challenge Pope’s teaching

From Protect the Pope:

"Sister Myra Poole SNDdeN has set up a group of dissenting Catholics who will be available to the media during the state visit to challenge the Holy Father on child abuse, women’s ordination, married priests and homosexuality...

Protect the Pope comment: Sister Myra Poole SNDdeN has a track record of public dissent against the teachings of the Church, that includes a leading role in Catholic Women’s Ordination who have spent £10,000 on adverts during the Holy Father’s visit protesting the Church’s teaching on the priesthood being reserved to men. This group has also let it be known that it will be holding a press conference during visit to challenge Pope Benedict.

Furthermore, Sister Myra Poole SNDdeN is notorious for a letter published in The Tablet in which she compared Pope Benedict unfavourably with Nick Griffin, leader of the far right racist party, the BNP..."

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