Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What false accusations do to real survivors of sexual abuse…
… Quicker than the lottery, the surest bet to instant wealth is to make an accusation of sexual harassment and misconduct against someone. Claims of sexual harassment have become so passe that it’s a common and perfectly acceptable political tool and a means to quickly discredit an opponent.

Because of our warped media-styled justice system, where the press and popular opinion get to determine a person’s innocence or guilt, sexual harassment lawsuits are a means to tarnish a reputation, cast doubt, and destroy credibility. Victims of false accusations may later have their names cleared in court and declared innocent but the verdict never gets as much media coverage as the accusations.

I am also immediately suspicious of claims of sexual misconduct made many years after the alleged incident. Even more so when the accusations are made at the most opportune time for the accuser, and usually when the accused is at the highlight of their career — not surprisingly, when they are the most financially capable of paying a substantial settlement... (continued)

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