Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI Medicinally Kicks German Bishops in the Face

From Holy Souls Hermitage:

"The time has come to take an energetic stance against prostitution and the widespread availability of erotic and pornographic material, also on the Internet. The Holy See will ensure that the Catholic Church in Germany takes clear and decisive initiatives against this form of abuse”. - Pope Benedict XVI

["Will ensure..." Yep. I'm standing by with the matches and gasoline to burn them at the stake unless they repent and close down their episcopal porn industry. They've been prostituting the Church in Germany just to make a few extra Marks with their 100% bishop-owned published house. How many men and women and children have been abused in this way? I wonder if the German Bishops, who are suing those who call their porn "porn" (while the bishops call it "erotica"), will also sue the Holy Father, who has here equated their "erotica" with porn. Go Holy Father! Go Pope Benedict XVI! Yay!] - Father George David Byers


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