Thursday, November 24, 2011

Planned Parenthood Gives Tips to Promote Abortion at Thanksgiving

By Steven Ertelt

( The New York affiliate of the Planned Parenthood abortion business is giving out tips today for its supporters in terms of how they can push abortion on their guests at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The website is sure to upset millions of pro-life advocates who are busy spending the day thanking God for the gifts and blessings they’ve been given, especially the gift of human life that has been snuffed out more than 54 million times since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

As is expected, the tips Planned Parenthood of New York city gives its supporters involve covering up promotion of abortion with terms like “reproductive health” and focusing on women’s rights.

 “The holidays are upon us! Going home or getting together with relatives for the holidays is always a stressful time, but if your family members are the type who regularly protest outside the local Planned Parenthood, you know that this holiday is going to be a doozy,” PPNYC complains. “Luckily, we have some tips for surviving those awkward conversations. So read on, and bring some diplomacy and understanding to the table along with that pumpkin pie.”

Planned Parenthood also encourages people to push abortions of disabled unborn children on their Thanksgiving guests, by telling them, “We can try to imagine the heartbreak of a family when they get the news that a test has shown there is something wrong with their baby.”

The tips include “Avoid bumper speak talk” and “Remember the big picture” and abortion activists are told, “Debating when life begins or whether or not abortion is federally funded may get you nowhere. Instead focus on your shared values and the big picture—for instance, talk about how you believe everyone should be able to afford to go to the doctor, or how the decision about when and whether to become a parent is a personal one.”

Activists are told to tell their guests that it is “misinformation” that certain forms of birth control can end a pregnancy (cause an abortion) and that they should be “open and accepting of other people’s personal views” unless, of course, they are pro-life. Abortion backers should tell their guests, “I might not personally choose to get an abortion, but I could never decide for another woman whether or not she was ready to become a parent,” Planned Parenthood advises.

Other suggestions include telling people who don’t support taxpayer funding of abortion, “I do believe that everyone deserves access to basic, preventive reproductive care, and that it’s important we support those services. No one should ever have to choose between paying rent and buying birth control” — which has nothing to do with abortion funding.

“Oftentimes it’s easier to dismiss abortion or other health care procedures as “bad” when it’s framed as a political issue. But when you’re talking about an individual woman making a personal decision, it’s harder to just write off,” PPNYC says.

Some arguments PPNYC suggest also include:

“A woman may have an abortion for any number of reasons. Some of these reasons may not seem right to us, but even if we disagree, it is better that each person be able to make her own decision.”

“I can accept someone’s decision to end a pregnancy, even if I wouldn’t make the same decision myself.”
Essentially, if abortion backers cover up abortion with euphemisms and platitudes based on family, personal decisions, health and women, they’ll do fine, Planned Parenthood says. Anything to ignore the unborn baby.

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