Sunday, November 13, 2011

Say Amen to Jesus!

By Cathy of Alex

The National Catholic Reporter aka "The Fishwrap" (Father Zuhlsdorf) aka "The National Catholic Heretic" (Ray from MN) aka "Eco-Outhouse Paper" (Cathy of Alex) had another delusional article this week wherein they continue to think, or rather, hope,:

a)the Church is a democracy and the faithful have a vote in Church elections
b)the National Catholic Reporter is the Catholic newspaper of record and the hierarchy are actually influenced by what they print

In the article entitled "Just say "Nein" to Nienstedt" (let's take a moment to laugh at the clever title! Gosh, how creative! Like no one at St Joan of Arc didn't think of that 4 years ago!)they express their concern that next week, at the USCCB Plenary meeting, the Bishops will vote to elect Archbishop Nienstedt of the Archdiocese of St. Paul - Minneapolis the Chair of the Committee on Doctrine.

Those of us who actually live in the Church of the Faith we profess should think the minute the NCRep announces it's dislike of a cleric "He must be truly great! How do I advocate for his candidacy!?" Or, better yet we can stay out of it and continue to do what our Archbishop teaches: prayerfully meditate upon Scripture, go to Mass, encourage our loved ones to go to Mass, support the upcoming improved English Mass translation, spend time in Adoration, support our seminaries and our seminarians with prayer and donations. THIS is the doctrine that I've learned from our Archbishop. This is not radical stuff. Really, it shouldn't be. But, to the more "progressive" among us it's frightening and it needs to be quashed... (continued)

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