Friday, November 11, 2011

Cordoba Cathedral Opens Virtual Tour

CORDOBA, Spain, NOV. 10, 2011 ( Considered a wonder of art and faith of all time, the cathedral of Cordoba can now be toured virtually.

The Internet visit includes the exterior and interior of the cathedral, which has a history dating back to the fourth century and involving Christian and Muslim worship. The tour reveals meticulous details and aspects that at times are overlooked.

The actual cathedral of Cordoba stands at the site of the mid fourth-century Catholic basilica of St. Vincent Martyr, which is still visible in some elements.

Christian worship was ongoing in that basilica until 714, when half of the complex was expropriated. Then, in 786, Emir Abd al-Rahman I demolished the whole Christian construction to build the ancient mosque of Cordoba.

The city was re-conquered by Fernando III, and the monarch decided in 1236 that on the feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, the ancient mosque should be dedicated to Holy Mary Mother of God and consecrated that same day.

To visit the cathedral:

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