Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update on burning at the stake the German bishops responsible for this hell of porn

By Father George David Byers

The second headline in lifesitenews is this: German bishops’ company: It’s not porn, just ‘erotica,’ so we’re suing the ‘slanderers’

Of course, their “erotica” is not the commentary on “eros” by Pope Benedict XVI. Instead, the German bishops think that whatever is meant “merely” to privately physically sexually excite someone is not porn. I guess exposing others to a grave temptation against chastity is no longer a grave sin. But it is. It doesn’t take much for the likes of, say, King David viewing Bathsheba. What about the rest of humanity? 2,500 titles of “erotica.” Uh-huh.

Well, I have nothing to lose if I’m sued by these pornographers. You see, I have nothing. I sleep in a corner of a loft of a barn quite open to the elements. I don’t own the hermitage that is only being built at the moment. So, sue me! That would make for a great case. I want it to be heard in the Paul VI Audience Hall right behind the Holy Office. I know the Vatican Gardens really well. I have some places already picked out where burning pornographers at the stake would be most appropriate. I’ll counter sue. I happen to have great friends at the Roman Rota and the Apostolic Signatura… and up on the terzo piano of the Apostolic Palace. Go ahead. Do your worst!

From an email:
Having trouble logging in to leave a comment for the post about the bishops from Deutschland. Only wanted to say that I do not know what you and other faithful men must go thru when you learn of such betrayal. For myself, the struggle against uncharitableness is great, great indeed. The hatred within seems insurmountable, in a blasphemous sort of way. Especially when the truth holds that the Atlantic doesn’t seperate such filth. Heading out with a rosary for all those who ever received the gift of Holy Orders. What more can be done?
The Lord rejoices to bless you for your prayer for us poor priests and bishops! That is exactly what can be done. The more the better.

I’ve often thought that there are many who go to purgatory because it is just so very difficult to face such things as this. We must never become bitter, looking to ourselves for strength. Rather, we must look to our Lord, and rejoice that He went to greet fully eleven of the twelve apostles He had chosen... (continued)

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