Saturday, February 20, 2010

Resistance is Futile


belinda said...

I was just thinking about how come people don't visit me so much.

I think ya'll (countryfied word) are working down on the farm and watching the olympics. The problem is I spend too much time on the computer to begin with and second I would have to "accept" relationships with people I'm trying to avoid.

BTW, I was at Walmart and chit chatting with people I would meet and I said to my blog administrator, "see, people that I meet like me" then he said , "That's because they don't know you." hahahahaha, but then I said, um , that's not funny. :(

(Blog administrator for lease.)

Vincenzo said...

"see, people that I meet like me"

Yeah you're fun! I need a few more neighbors before I can expand my farm into a 'big family farm,' but I can't find any more.