Friday, November 6, 2009

Unexpected Joy Icon of the Mother of God

Unexpected Joy

Temple of the Holy Trinity in Listy

Unexpected Joy Icon of the Mother of God

The icon is written in commemoration of the following event: one sinner, as he was on his way to commit a sin, said a prayer for his success to the Mother of God. In response she, in anger, pointed at the immediately opened wounds on the hands and feet of the Divine Child sitting on her lap, and explained to the sinner that every time when someone falls into sin, the wounds begin to torment Christ. Fearful of the divine ire, the sinner prayed for forgiveness and began to lead righteous life. In the icon, the display structure where the image of the "Unexpected Joy" is hanging, and the repentant sinner in front of it.

Troparion to the icon of the Mother of God "Unexpected Joy", voice 4

Today the faithful people trumph in spirit as we give glory the zealous Defender of the Christian race, and as we run to her all-holy image we plead: o most-merciful Ruler Mother of God, give us the unexpected joy as we are burdened with many a sin and many a sorrow, and deliver us from all evil as we pray to Your Son Christ our God to save our souls.

[Translation: Annalex]