Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rumor: Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Schonborn to visit Medjugorje

From Fr. Neil Buchlein:

"I just received an e-mail this morning from one of my friends who lives in Medjugorje and helps with the coordination of the music for the English speaking masses wrote that Cardinal Schonborn will be visiting Medjugorje from December 8th through January 4th. No doubt this is very good news and the Cardinal has been a very strong supporter of Medjugorje since the late 1980s."


Michael said...

just because a cardinal is going doesn't mean that the church approves of this!

Vincenzo said...

Yep. Apparition supporters who are desperate for recognition and acceptance will cling to this though as if it is a form of approval.
If the story of the visit is true, then clearly His Eminence is making a statement, and it will create more confusion. I hope that the Holy See can make a final determination on this issue soon. If we have to wait until the apparitions end, we might have to wait until the seers are 90 years old, or until they all pass away.

Terry Nelson said...

LOL! The photo is hilarious. His visit does add to the confusion and gives the deluded false hope.

Michael said...

yes, really quite sad. This apparition is false. I just hate to see so many people duped by it. Clearly the "visionaries" are in it for the moola among other things.