Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bishops and Seers Square Off in Recent Flurry of Alleged Rejected Apparitions

From Spirit Daily:

"Rarely, if ever, has there been such a blatant eruption of antagonism between bishops and "seers."

At least, rarely has one followed the other so swiftly.

Most flagrant: a dispute in Ireland -- at the famed old apparition site of Knock -- between a modern-day "clairvoyant named Joe Coleman who claims to see and hear the Virgin (yet also partakes in New Age-style mysticism), and an archbishop named Mike Neary who warned that alleged new apparitions at the shrine (which was approved in the 19th century) threatened to "mislead God's people and undermine the faith."

Despite those warnings, Catholics have been responding to Coleman's call -- thousands defying the archbishop on October 31 to witness what had been promised as a manifestation..."


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Cló Mhuire said...

Re the above post on Knock. We are very grateful to Archbishop Michael Neary for speaking out and protecting his flock. The apparition of 1879 has Church approval. That is the only apparition that has been in Knock. We need more leaders like Archbishop Neary who is not afraid to speak the truth and look after his Catholic flock. I don't know of any 'antagonism towards Bishops and priests' except from those who work against the church, have their own agenda and work against proper order and obedience.